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Plant as early as possible in the Spring .  Plants take a full season to develop to their potential.  The leaves are almost garlic like in nature and can be mistaken for grass like weeds.  Approximately 300 seeds/pkt .UPDATED FOR 2024

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Geante Noire de Russie

Geante Noire de Russie- 135 days- Long, black-skinned roots.  Leaves can be used in salads.  This is sometimes called Scorzonera. Sow early.  Pkt. $1.75   Certified Organic Seed

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Mammoth Sandwich Island

Mammoth Sandwich Island- 120 days- Also known as vegetable oyster.  The roots overwinter in the garden here without any trouble.  Salsify is the best eating quality in the late Fall.  Peel roots and chop in small pieces and boil, add milk and margarine and seasoning and “wham” - - a meatless “oyster” stew.  Pkt. $1.50

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