We have decided to not sell hatching eggs as the risks are great.  Therefore, we are offering them as started (approximately 2 week old birds) that will be shipped via Express Mail (only).  The assortment may contain any of the following (but is not guaranteed to contain all of the colors):  Wild type, Manchurian Golden, English White,  Italian White, Tuxedo and British Range Black.  We are also working with other color patterns and they might be included as well. We have a separate location to keep the young isolated for that time frame while we are starting them (for bio-security reasons).


We will be selling them in units of 12 assorted (this allows for a few extras to be included). Updated for 2021



12 Super Assorted Coturnix Quail - $  30.00  plus postage ( use rate for 25 chicks)

24 Super Assorted Coturnix Quail - $  58.00  plus postage ( use rate for 50 chicks)