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We had to put the guineas in temporary housing while we constructed new facilities and it did not go well for them so we will not be offering guineas until 2025 


We are not set up to offer large quantities of any particular color variety of guinea.  For those who want large numbers of a particular color variety, please contact:  The Guinea Farm, 21357 White Pine Lane, New Vienna, IA 52065-9728  Telephone (563) 853-4195.  We can highly recommend their stock.


ASSORTED GUINEA KEETS:  Keets  Unavailable in 2024


Buff Dundotte- Darker buff color with dots. ( In assortments only)

Brown - Dark cocoa with dots.  The brown guineas seem to carry very low fertility despite laying large numbers of eggs.  Availability is sporadic.  Be prepared to wait for these.  ( In assortments only)

Lavender- Pale blue with dots. Our hardiest and most productive color pattern 

Royal Purple- Dark purple, no dots other than a few on the underside.   ( In assortments only)

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