2022 Hatch weeks:  April 5, 19; May 3, 17,31; June 14,28. 

Geese are rather temperamental layers and will quit once the season turns hot.  Our incubators are not the best for goose eggs, so hatches are subject to availability.  We have decided  to be cautious and only do assortments  this year as we experiment with new hatching methods. I dearly love geese and want to get the hatch rate up and have more of the elegant birds roaming the farm. The goose assortments available are as follows: UPDATED FOR AVAILABILITY AS OF MAY 30,2022 : The geese started laying about a month late this year and egg production  has been down.

SUPER ASSORTED:  Goslings - 6 for $70.00; 12 for $130.00.  This assortment can be anything.  It might be one each of six different breeds or two or three each of two or three different breeds.   Caution this can run high in numbers on White Chinese when demand for Fancy geese is high. SOLD OUT FOR 2022

FANCY ASSORTED:  Goslings - 6 for $120.00  This assortment will be from one or more of the following breeds:  American Buff,  Buff Saddleback Pomeranian, Grey Saddleback Pomeranian,French Toulouse Old Fashioned Pomeranian, Roman Tufted,Buff African  . Indicate your interest and if they are hatching we will send those breeds, no guarantees. SOLD OUT FOR 2022

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American Buff

 Large, gentle, rich buff color. I  am very partial color poultry and these are some of my favorite geese. The males can be rather territorial during breeding season. We have been maintaining this breed since 1992.  Only in assortments this year

buff pomerranian.jpg

Buff Saddleback Pomeranian

Large sized, white with buff saddleback patches on the back and head. They are a  colorful breed and as with all Pomeranians it is a challenge to maintain the colors in the proper location. We are constantly working on maintaining the proper color as well as a good size body. We have been maintaining this breed since 1993. Only in assortments this year


Grey Saddleback Pomeranian

 Large sized, white with grey saddleback patches on the back and head.  As goslings these are adorable with their color patterns and the intense grey  and white  colors. There is just something elegant looking about a flock of these  roaming on a  pasture.  We maintain several  different lines of these to maintain vigor. We have maintained  a flock of these since 1992. Only in assortments this year 

ofashoioned pom_edited.jpg

Old Fashioned Pomeranian

A colorful group of rare old German geese.  They are not all of one color.  Only in assortments this year


French Toulouse

A  large, but not heavily keeled or dewlap breed..  Only in assortments this year

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Buff African

A colorful and large sized African.  Only in assortments this year

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Roman Tufted

Small sized, pure white with tufts on their heads.  Very elegant looking. This is an old breed and  they always present themselves  in a sophisticated fashion when wandering around the farm. We have been maintaining this breed since 1990.  Only in assortments this year

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White Chinese

White Chinese- Small, very active, noisy,  good breed for foraging.  Ours have long, slender necks. I first saw this  breed on my uncles farm when I was 8. I was fascinated by their unique look and mannerisms. As partial as I am to buff colored  poultry this is beyond a doubt my favorite  breed of goose.  They are easy to train, personable and all around hard workers when it comes to foraging. They lay well and while I have been bitten during breeding season by every other breed of goose I have yet to be bitten by White Chinese. I use the goslings for imprinting studies in my College Biology class  as they bond with people almost immediately.  The goslings are a bright yellow.  We have been maintaining this breed since 1999. Goslings $12.00 each (maximum of 6 per hatch) SOLD OUT FOR 2022