In assortments it is our choice from what is left over after individual breed orders for that hatch have been filled.  We will try to include a nice variety.  Each box comes with a named list of the birds that are in the box.




This is our season end specials of whatever is still laying and hatching.  We start shipping as birds become available in September and have hatches through October. The order for these may be placed at any time, but the final cutoff date for orders to be received in our office is September 10, 2020.  The shipping dates this year for the Autumn Specials are September 8 and 22, and October 6 and 20.  These will be filled on a first come, first served basis and when we run out of birds, we run out.  We will NOT CALL to let you know you are not getting birds, but will return your check at the end of the season.  These specials have been very popular, so place your order early.  If we run out of birds and are unable to fill your Autumn Special order, you will be given the option to accept the assortment the next Spring when hatches begin again.


Hatch Special - Assortment of chicks, guineas, bantams,  (and maybe turkeys or ducks) - 25 for $40.00.

Bantam Special -Unavailable  for 2020

Chicken Special - 25 for $27.50; 50 for $50.00.

Duck Special - 15 for $40.00 (This starts in August.)


NOTE:  These Autumn Specials will be our choice only!  You may not choose your breeds.  No cancellations will be allowed once the order is placed for these specials.  Each box comes with a named list of the contents.  The prices above do not include the cost of postage.  Please refer to the postage chart located right before the Poultry Order Form.


Super Assorted is for the person who would like as many different breeds as possible.  A list of breeds is enclosed in the envelope taped to the outside of the shipping box.  You may order these for any of the regular season hatches.  However, these are the last boxes filled on each hatch day and are subject to availability of extra day-olds.  Please give us as much flexibility as possible with shipping dates for these assortments.


Super Assorted Bantams-     Unavailable for 2020

Super Assorted Chicks-     25 for $30.00.

            50 for $55.00.

Super Assorted Ducks-     15 for $42.50.

            30 for $70.00.


Farmyard Assortment - $30.00 plus shipping

Use shipping rate for 25 chicks (equivalent) for each order and send separate shipping payment for each Farmyard Assortment ordered.  If you order more than one of these assortments, we can not guarantee they will be shipped on the same day.  If they are shipped together, we will send extra birds.  May be our choice of bantams, chicks, ducks, geese, guineas, or turkeys.   The Farmyard Assortment can be all of one particular type of poultry.  There are no guarantees that you will get a mixture of all the different types of poultry.  It might be all chicks, all ducklings, etc.  Or, it might be a combination of many different things.  There are no guarantees on hatch dates as these are filled with whatever is left after all orders for specific breeds and assortments have been filled.  These are not generally available until the first part of May.  You can kind of think of these as a “grab bag” at a carnival.  Whatever you get will be a surprise!!  You will receive a named list of the contents of the shipment.  The number of birds you get will vary depending upon what you get.  (Example:  Ducks & Geese are much larger than Bantams & Guineas and fill the box up faster.)  You will get the “equivalent” of 25 chicks (or more)


Mystery Chicken Assortment - $20.00 plus shipping

Use shipping rate for 25 chicks for each order and send separate shipping payment for each Mystery Assortment ordered.  Occasionally we have some extras from genetic crossing experiments.  I’ve long had an interest in genetics and, on occasion, I do some experimental crosses between breeds.  This assortment can have anything from our projects (including also the occasional mismarked egg or oddity).  This is not a purebred collection.  We only recommend this to someone who doesn’t care about breeds or breeding, but is either just wanting something for eggs or meat.  The availability of this is sporadic and would only be available on the weeks when I don’t have time to keep any extras for further study.  We reserve the right to fill in with a few pure breeds (if we have them) to fill this assortment.  This assortment is not necessarily available at every hatch.  Therefore, if you place an order for these, please be as flexible on shipping dates as possible.  This assortment is only available as a unit of 25 chicks.  This assortment is all full sized chickens - - - no bantams.  

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