2020 Hatch Weeks:   April 7, 21; May  5, 19; June 2, 16, 30; July 14, 28; August 11, 25; September 8, 22: (Assortments only in September ) Updated for 2020. Pictures will hopefully come soon. 


Most duck breeds lay very well, but once hot weather sets in fertility drops considerably.  Amounts of a breed available after mid-June will be dependent upon fertility.  We want to educate people on the advantages of waterfowl from the health, production and gardener’s  point of view.  Please consider some ducks as a part of your farm flock this year.  Ducks are hardy.  Many breeds lay very well.  They handle disease, pests and stress so well.  I’ve been quoted as saying they are the slobs of the poultry world chiefly because they can be messy.  They do, however, enjoy life and are a delight to have on the farm from day one.  They are superb grass and insect control in an orchard! This past year(2018) with all of the tress of Linda's health and the mink and other predators the ducks  provided hours of  enjoyment with the  happiness that they approach life.   My first poultry way back in 1969 was 4 ducklings that were dear pets and were destroyed one night by a weasel when they were about 8 weeks old. This year I raised about 400  to pick breeders from and  they loved the acre of orchard pasture they had to roam and did a super job of cleaning up any and all fruit that fell from the trees. As we were adding fresh dry straw to their pens  this winter after cleaning them out, they all ran in and made the "happy duck" noise   enjoying the new bedding and clean place to sleep. Anyone can get hours of enjoyment and relaxation from raising ducks. They are the easiest poultry to raise.

Number in () means maximum number per hatch. When the maximum number is ordered we may split the shipment into 2 shipments in times when we have lower hatch rates from  reduced fertility during warmer times.


ASSORTED DUCKLINGS: Ducklings $3.75 each (30)  This can be any breed from the entire list.  We will  include several types.  It will not be only one kind. Please watch the News and Updates page  for occasional specials  when hatches are great.

ASSORTED FANCY DUCKLINGS:  Ducklings $5.00 each (15)  An assortment of rarer colors and types.  Can be any  breed except no Pekins or Khaki Campbells.  


ASSORTED EGG TYPE DUCKLINGS  Ducklings $4.00 each (30).  Assortment will be made up from Khaki Campbell, Dark Campbell, White Campbell, Golden Buff Cascades and Welsh Harlequin but may also include Runners if available.


ASSORTED MEAT-TYPE DUCKLINGS: Ducklings $4.25 each  (30)  Please understand that this grouping was established by us.  Each of these breeds can have multiple purposes, but we have classified them here.


Egg-Type Ducks
Meat-Type Ducks
Ornamental Ducks
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