2020 Hatch Weeks:   April 7,21; May  5, 19; June 2, 16, 30; July 14, 28; August 11, 25; September 8, 22: (Assortments only in September ) Updated for 2020. Pictures will hopefully come soon. 


Most duck breeds lay very well, but once hot weather sets in fertility drops considerably.  Amounts of a breed available after mid-June will be dependent upon fertility.  We want to educate people on the advantages of waterfowl from the health, production and gardener’s  point of view.  Please consider some ducks as a part of your farm flock this year.  Ducks are hardy.  Many breeds lay very well.  They handle disease, pests and stress so well.  I’ve been quoted as saying they are the slobs of the poultry world chiefly because they can be messy.  They do, however, enjoy life and are a delight to have on the farm from day one.  They are superb grass and insect control in an orchard! This past year(2018) with all of the tress of Linda's health and the mink and other predators the ducks  provided hours of  enjoyment with the  happiness that they approach life.   My first poultry way back in 1969 was 4 ducklings that were dear pets and were destroyed one night by a weasel when they were about 8 weeks old. This year I raised about 400  to pick breeders from and  they loved the acre of orchard pasture they had to roam and did a super job of cleaning up any and all fruit that fell from the trees. As we were adding fresh dry straw to their pens  this winter after cleaning them out, they all ran in and made the "happy duck" noise   enjoying the new bedding and clean place to sleep. Anyone can get hours of enjoyment and relaxation from raising ducks. They are the easiest poultry to raise.

Number in () means maximum number per hatch. When the maximum number is ordered we may split the shipment into 2 shipments in times when we have lower hatch rates from  reduced fertility during warmer times.


ASSORTED DUCKLINGS: Ducklings $3.75 each (30)  This can be any breed from the entire list.  We will  include several types.  It will not be only one kind. Please watch the News and Updates page  for occasional specials  when hatches are great.

ASSORTED FANCY DUCKLINGS:  Ducklings $5.00 each (15)  An assortment of rarer colors and types.  Can be any  breed except no Pekins or Khaki Campbells.  


ASSORTED EGG TYPE DUCKLINGS  Ducklings $4.00 each (30).  Assortment will be made up from Khaki Campbell, Dark Campbell, White Campbell, Golden Buff Cascades and Welsh Harlequin but may also include Runners if available.


ASSORTED MEAT-TYPE DUCKLINGS: Ducklings $4.25 each  (30)  Please understand that this grouping was established by us.  Each of these breeds can have multiple purposes, but we have classified them here.



Dark Campbell- Drakes have green heads with brownish grey bodies.  Hens are dark cocoa brown with thin khaki penciling and are excellent layers starting at an early age. The ducklings are a  black in color and  closely resemble Cayuga ducklings.  We have  maintained this breed since 1990.  They are rare and are much deserving of a  better  distribution. Ducklings $6.00 each (25)

Golden Buff Cascade- Drakes have greenish bronze heads with white neck collars, red chestnut breasts, creamy buff undersides.  Hens are a buff color.  Live weight is between 6 and 7 pounds.  These were introduced in 1984 by Holderread’s Waterfowl.  Our strain obtained in 1991 is not like what Holderread’s is selling today.  We have maintained ours as they originally came to us 20+ years ago.  They are top notch layers and are deserving of greater world numbers.  Over the past several years they have laid almost 100% from early January through August, have taken a couple of weeks off, and then returned to heavy production through the end of the season.  Young that are hatched in April will frequently start to lay by Fall.  We have maintained this breed since 1991. Ducklings $6.00 each (15)   


Khaki Campbell- Small size, efficient on feed for the eggs produced.  Drakes resemble a mallard drake only dark brown.  Hens are a seal brown color.  They are nervous and like to get up and move around and are easily spooked by  things. They love to get out and move around an area. We have maintained these since 1991 constantly selecting  for productivity. Ducklings $5.00 each (25)

Welsh Harlequin- Males have a greenish head, reddish breast, soft buffy fawn with eyes of darker color  on the feathers. Hens lack the green head and red breast.   Good layers of white eggs and average 3 to 3.5 pound dressed weight.  These were developed in 1949 in Wales from a Khaki Campbell color mutation.  They are slightly larger than Khaki Campbells.  They do have two color phases (gold and silver).  We do keep both phases together.  The chief difference in the colors is in the hens where the gold phase is light brown in color and the silver is a light silver-gray.  The carcass of butchered specimens is excellent for lower fat and high flavor. We  have maintained these since 1989. They are much calmer than Khaki Campbells  but do not lay as well. Ducklings $6.00 each (15)

White Campbell- Pure white version of the Khaki.  Good layers.  Bills can be either pink or yellow in color.  Once into heavy production, darkening of the bills can occur. We first obtained these in  2000 and struggled over the years to get a decent hatch rate. Years and years of selection and breeding and we now have a good sized flock that  seems to have some vigor. For those who want a smaller white duck this is it. They are less nervous than their Khaki relatives.  Ducklings $6.00 each (15)




ASSORTED RUNNER DUCKLINGS: Ducklings $6.00 each  (15) This assortment can be from any of the Runner-type ducks we offer.

Black Runner - Pure black, erect standing.  Very active and thrifty foragers. We have maintained this breed since 2002. Ducklings $7.00 each (5)

Blue Runner - Deep blue, good runner type. Remember as with all blue fowl some will come out silver ( splash) and some  will be a black color. We have maintained this breed since 2002. (AVAILABLE IN ASSORTMENTS ONLY.)

Chocolate Runner- Deep dark chocolate in color, active and colorful. We have maintained this breed since 2008.  ( AVAILABLE IN ASSORTMENTS ONLY.)


Fawn and White Runner - Fawn cap and cheek patches, patches of white alternating with patches of fawn and a distinct white belly. Continuous selection must be made for the proper body length. They are active and anxious  and always ready to move. We have maintained this breed since 2002 Ducklings $7.00 each (5)

Grey Runner (Mallard Runner) - Typical mallard duck color pattern with a runner body.  Males have an emerald green head, white neck ring that does not close at reddish brown breast and a steel grey underbody. We do see variations in the females from light versions to darker versions. We have maintained this breed since 1996.  Ducklings $7.00 (5)

Khaki Runner- Good runner type, khaki color pattern, ducks look  like a Khaki Campbell that has been stretched out. They are active and somewhat nervous in temperament. We have maintained this breed since 2000. Ducklings $7 each (5)

White Runner - Pure white in color, orange bill and feet.We have maintained this breed since 2005.  (AVAILABLE IN ASSORTMENTS ONLY.)



Ancona-  A very colorful, spotted or pied colored duck.  This is the breed for the individual that wants just one breed but cannot decide upon a color.  They are good layers and a good meat bird.  They range in color from blue or black to a pied and chocolate color.  Sold as mixed colors only.  The ducklings are darling with their unique color patterns.  Most of ours will be black spotted, with some blue and an occasional chocolate. Since we first obtained these in 1997  we have never found the chocolate colored variety to be very vigorous. We are continuing to work on that issue. Ducklings $6.00 each (30)

Black Cayuga- Pure black with a greenish purple cast in the sunlight.  First eggs of the season are a purple black in color.  They are good layers and excellent for meat.  They are an old breed and have excellent flesh quality. Ducklings are a nice dark black color. We constantly select for the dark colored eggs and colorful feather color. We have maintained this variety since 1989.  Ducklings $6.00 each (15)  

Black Magpie-  a medium sized breed that has a black cap on the top of the head with black markings on the rest of the body. They are an active breed and lay quite well. We have maintained this breed since 1993.  Ducklings $7.00 each (5)

Blue Magpie- similar to the black except the color. Also remember that with blue color you will get some "silver" or splash  like offspring. These will almost look a off white in color with no distinct cap. We have maintained this breed since 1993. Ducklings $7.00 (5)S

Blue Cayuga- Large size, deep blue color, truly striking in appearance.  They are a beautiful sight as a group on a fresh cover of snow. Remember with all blue fowl some non-blue offspring occur.  The 25% that are a silver color from this mating are also rather attractive in appearance.  Select away from the ones which occasionally show white in the body. As they age just like people  get white hair they get  white in their feathers. I have had some 8-10 year old hens that turn almost pure white. We have maintained this breed since 1991.  Ducklings $6.00 each (10)

Blue Swedish- A good egg laying and dual purpose breed with blue feathers and a white bib.  Remember that you can get a Splash called Silver and a Black from a Blue to Blue mating. They are a nice colorful  and easy to manage breed. Originally they were developed for egg production and dual purpose as a meat bird. We have maintained this breed since 1993.  Ducklings $6.00 each (15)


Buff- Soft buff color, gentle, a good source of pets for children, also for eggs and meat.  They are an easy breed to dress and are nice and plump.   They are one of gentlest of the breeds we have and are very people adaptable.  We have maintained this breed since 1990. Ducklings $6.00 each (10)

Chocolate Cayuga - After years of selection and breeding we have produced a chocolate colored, full sized duck.  Mild mannered and Cayuga in type and size.  Still have a few quirks, but hopefully, they will be consistent. Ducklings are deep chocolate in color.  Ducklings $7.00 (5)

Pekin- Large, white feathered with bright orange bills. Ducklings are a bright yellow.These will get good sized for butchering and are good producers of eggs as well. They are however large and voracious eaters.  We select for large size and rapid growth. We have maintained this breed since 1992 Ducklings $5.00 each (20)


Rouen- Large, exhibition type, not the common, commercial strain.These have the large underbelly that drags the ground and with the added baggage are not  able to move quite as fast. We have maintained this breed since 2000. Ducklings $5.00 each (30)

Saxony- German breed, 4 to 6 lbs (dressed weight).  Drakes are a buffy color with a blue grey head, back and wings and a chestnut burgundy breast.  Hens are buff colored with white facial stripes.  These are large and personable ducks that are easy to be around and care for, they tend to run toward you rather than away. They tend to lay rather large eggs that sometimes do  not hatch as well. We have maintained this breed since 1993. Ducklings $7.00 each (10) 

Silver Appleyard- Drakes are like a Welsh Harlequin in color, but much larger in size.  Hens are a mottled tannish color.  First imported from Britain to the U.S. in 1982.  A great deal of variability exists in the coloring of the hens. While we  find these ducks to be very attractive  we constantly struggle with getting them to hatch at a decent rate despite the fact they lay quite well. Ducklings are a distinct color with black on the head and tail.  We have maintained this breed since 1993.  Ducklings $7.00 each (5) 

White Crested- Pure white, orange bills and feet, large white crests.  Very ornamental.  Ducklings are particularly adorable with the  nice little crests. We have maintained this breed since 1993. Ducklings $6.00 each (10)


Chocolate East Indies-  Way back in 1990 a well known poultry family had a trio of these at the Ohio National  Show. I looked and looked at them for 2 days and finally succumbed to purchasing them. Fascinated with the color chocolate  and the inability to resist temptation I brought them home. I  never really did much with them for years  increasing numbers here and there as they are not a  recognized breed but their  compact body size and ability to handle all kinds of situations I finally decided to share a few with others. They are about one third large than Black East Indies. Ducklings $6.00 each (5)

Australian Spotted-  We have started working with  these fascinating colorful little ducks and hope to offer them in 2021.


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