The all to frequent visits by the mink have nearly destroyed our bantam flocks. We will be working on a new style of pen for the remaining flocks and hope  to be back in full production ( if it works) for 2020.    THERE WILL BE NO BANTAMS AVAILABLE FOR 2019.



SUPER ASSORTED BANTAMS - Can be any of the breeds we maintain. 



Assortment of  3-4 breeds ( Our choice)  


Buckeye- Gorgeous, deep red replicas of their standard size counterparts. Pale brown eggs.  These have a pea comb.  APA.  


New Hampshire- Bantam version of the full sized breed. They lay a  pale brown egg and are very thrifty little versions of their full size counterparts.  


Black Japanese- small solid black  in color, short legged with upright, leaning  forward tails. ( Available in Assortments Only.)




All Silkies have black (deep maroon) colored skin with downy feathers that look like cotton puffs and all have a walnut comb.  Eggs are tinted white to light brown.  They make excellent setters and mothers which makes the egg and chick supply sporadic at times.


Partridge - The color pattern is basically a buff with blackish mixed in. They are bearded .


White- Pure white, bearded type.  APA  


Blue- same genetics as all blue fowl  where some will come out black and some splash as well  as blue.  


Buff- rich golden buff with some darker shades to orange also  an occasional black feather.  





Old English bantams are small, adorable birds, but seem to have a feast or famine reliability with the chick supply.  All lay slightly off-white eggs and have a small single comb with five points.


Black Old English - Slim, feisty in temperament, very small, pure black in color.  APA. 


Chocolate Old English - A beautiful, chocolate (dark brown) colored version of Old English.  With all chocolate birds, off-color types occur.  These tend to be chocolate with red in the hackles and the saddle.  NonAPA. 

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