The all to frequent visits by the mink have nearly destroyed our bantam flocks. We just had too many projects to get  the bantam pens reconstructed for safety for 2020.  We will gradually rebuild our flocks over the course of the next few years. This year we will offer assorted only and then  hope to expand in 2021.


SUPER ASSORTED BANTAMS - Can be any of the breeds we maintain.  25 chicks for $75.00 UNAVAILABLE FOR THE REMAINDER OF 2020

White Silkie

White Silkie- Pure white, bearded type. All Silkies have black (deep maroon) colored skin with downy feathers that look like cotton puffs and all have a walnut comb.  Eggs are tinted white to light brown.  They make excellent setters and mothers which makes the egg and chick supply sporadic at times. APA   

White Dorking

White Dorking- pure white rose comb. Small version of the large counterparts.

Mixed Naked Neck

Mixed Naked Neck- small naked neck  bantam, most of them  are barred in color.

Barred Rock

Barred Rock- small well marked   version of the standard size.

Blue Cochin

Blue Cochin-  blue colored feather footed. 

Black Cochin

Black Cochin- black colored feather footed.

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