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Gift Certificates

We have gift certificates available to send to a friend or relative.  We make a nice gift certificate that may be redeemed for anything we sell in our catalog.  We will send it directly to the person you indicate along with one of our current catalogs.  If you would like the gift certificate and catalog mailed to you so that you may present it to the giftee, please indicate that.  You may decide what dollar denomination the gift certificate will be.  Please include your name and address, the giftee’s name and address, the amount of the gift certificate, plus $2.00 shipping and handling for each gift certificate you are requesting.   Please make sure that we receive your request at least 2 weeks before you need the gift certificate. The person who receives the gift certificate can place their order by making out the order form and by sending the original gift certificate back with the order.  If they order more than the amount of the gift certificate, they will need to include the difference with their order.  If they order less than the amount of the gift certificate, we will send them a credit for the unused amount.

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