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2020 Blogs- A New Beginning

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

It has been sometime since I visited this page. I had struggled with what ideas would be the most useful and what would be a waste of time. I had lots of ideas on occasion, but lacked the time or material to take decent photo to contribute to the post. The above photo is a photo of a photo taken by airplane of our farm back in mid October 2015. Our farm is unique in Clinton county Iowa in that we like trees in the fence row. I like to see the songbirds and it makes a nice buffer for wind and spray drift. You can't really see it but right across the middle of the property is a hill that runs from west to east ( the mini woods is at the top of the hill) then behind the house on the east end of the property it turns and runs north. Our crops are still lush and green later on as we plant later to prevent GMO contamination. Last week in the news and updates I posted to have requests for blogs be sent and I would tackle the job. I work much better with an assigned task. I hated those days in my composition class in college where we had to just write an essay on anything for the 50 minute class. Gratefully, I received a number of ideas and thanks to those who contributed. I will start this week with the list in no particular order. If you do not see something that in on your mind, drop me an email and I will add it to the list. Here is the list of topics I will work on.

1. A seasonal series following sweet potatoes from the bedding stage through harvest.

2. A seasonal series following peppers and tomatoes.

3. Dealing with biennials

4. Poultry breeding methods

5. Poultry buildings

6. How to organize large systems of plants and poultry.

7. Basic seed saving

8. Tools and equipment to make life easier.

9. Poultry breeds that should be popular but are not.

10. Organizing garden space to keep things pure.

11. Under appreciated vegetables.

12. Recipes to utilize produce.

13. Poultry Feeds

14. Saving corn seed

15. Landraces both vegetable and poultry

16. Ways to save on feed, space and time doing chores.

17. Keeping track of eggs and breeds.

Current plan is to start with poultry feeds. That may take a couple of blogs as I trace the past 50 years of my learning what works best. I am going to try to faithfully produce one blog per week. The hardest part isn't the material or writing it is getting a picture to go along with it.

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MniSose Ranch
MniSose Ranch
Feb 28, 2021

Learning what to record for poultrykeeping.

Sympathies to Linda being sick. My experience is that even walking outside is dangerous when all the neighbors are spraying wheat, weeds, and have forgotten how to turn anything under.


Here are a couple of my favorites-Lucid Gem and Mocha Splash


Hi Glenn,

I would like to know how many tomato varieties you have grown over the years , how you choose what varieties you will grow each year and what are your personal tomato favorites?



Glenn, one thing I would love to hear about is your greatest joys throughout your year, like monthly, or even more often. I don't know how one would send pictures in this comment format.


Glenn, one thing I would love to hear are your greatest joys through your year, like monthly (or more often). Any pictures, especially of land and farm and seed would be interesting. I don't know how one sends them though.

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