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Sweet Potato Slip Orders and slip guarantees

All orders are shipped via Priority Mail. We are not able to send an e-mail each time we ship an order. There are just only so many hours in the day that season of the year. We will not refund for slips that arrive in poor condition, but will gladly replace them if we discover they were held up in the mail. Send us a picture of the slips via U.S. Mail and we will adjust and reship accordingly. We will not reship if it is determined that you did not check your mail and left them in the Post Office for days.   If there is a problem with the slips upon arrival, you must contact us within 7 days of shipment for replacement slips to be sent.  Under no circumstance will we be held liable for anything other than damage to slips in shipping.  There will be no refund if you plant them incorrectly, leave them too long before planting, or they just don’t grow.  We have no control over them once they are in your hands.

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