Lima beans are a tasty treat when harvested and picked at the proper stage. Some of the heirloom varieties have so much flavor in the green shell stage. The biggest mistake people make  is planting them too early. They love the heat and will not germinate in cold soil.


Burpee Improved.jpg

Burpee Improved

Burpee Improved - 83 days - Very large seeded white lima. Not a lot of seeds per pod ,but they are large  1 oz. Pkt. $1.5

Cliff Dweller.jpg

Cliff Dweller

Cliff Dweller- 65 days- this was a very early producer and heavy yielder as we had very few plants  from the 30 plus year old seed.  It continues to do well despite all kinds of adversity.  Unavailable for 2021



Cowey-85 days- A productive variety with dark red seeds, seeds tend to be on the smallish size UNAVAILABLE FOR 2021

Dixie White Butterpea.jpg

Dixie White Butterpea

Dixie White Butterpea - 75 days - Small white round shaped limas.  Prolific producer of many pods on large bushes. 1 oz. Pkt. $1.50


Eastland Lima

Eastland Lima - 70 days - Vigorous plants, excellent, medium green baby limas.  Plants do well to produce fresh green limas and since these are green seeded they are that much more colorful when cooked.  1 oz. Pkt. $1.50; 2 Pkts./$2.75

Forget me Not .jpg

Forget-Me Not

Forget-Me Not - 85 days- Another one from Tom’s freezer storage. Seeds are violet - brown with streaks  UNAVAILABLE FOR 2021


Henderson Lima

Henderson Lima- 75 days- A nice heavy yielding lima for us here.  We prefer them in the green shell stage.  Three inch pods contain 3 to 4 small seeds.  1 oz. Pkt.$1.50; 4 Pkts./$5.00

Phoebe Vinson.jpg

Phebe Vinson

Phebe Vinson- 80 days-  Colorful beans ranging from rose pinks to deep plum all with varying amounts of calico patterns. First listed in Seed Savers Exchange in 1987. An heirloom from Nebraska. UNAVAILABLE FOR 2021



Thorogreen - 65 days - An excellent type for freezing, stays a light green when cooked.  1 oz. Pkt. $1.50




Alabama Black Running

Alabama Black Running-  90 days- The most vigorous lima bean I have ever seen. Plants were enormous and heavy with pods. Sent to us by Robert Smiley in Alabama. Seeds are a dark black in color. 1 oz. Pkt. $3.00 Certified Organic Seed

Alabama Mahoghany.jpg

Alabama Mahogany

Alabama Mahogany- 95 days- vigorous vines with paler blackish purple seeds.  1 Oz Pkt.  $3.00  Certified Organic Seed



Bandy- 85 days-  black seeded in various shades of black,  vigorous climber 1 oz. Pkt. $3.00   Certified Organic Seed

Black Jungle.jpg

Black Jungle

Black Jungle  - 85 days - Vigorous black-seeded pole lima.  1 oz. Pkt. $3.00 Certified Organic Seed

Black Star.jpg

Black Star

Black Star - 90 days - Large, black-seeded  expect some  off color and paler seeds to show up.vigorous climber. Pkt. ( 25 seeds)  $3.00  (Limit 1 Pkt.)  Certified Organic Seed



Bucket- 85 days- a nice bright shiny red with a tinge of black seeded pole lima. 1 oz. Pkt. $3.00 Certified Organic Seed

Calico Willowleaf.jpg

Calico Willowleaf

Calico Willowleaf- 95 days- True willow like leaves provide a unique display . Seeds are  red shades. UNAVAILABLE FOR 2021

Carolina Red.jpg

Carolina Red

Carolina Red - 80 days -  Pole type, beautiful red seeds, productive, drought tolerant. Pkt. (25 seeds) $3.00 Certified Organic  Seed

Carolina Sieva.jpg

Carolina Sieva

Carolina Sieva - 80 days - Dark green pods contain 3 to 4 small, fat seeds that dry to white.  Unavailable for 2021.

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Christmas - 85 days - Vigorous climber, dates to about 1840, flat, white seeds with maroon spots on seeds.  1 oz. Pkt. $3.00

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Climbing Speckled  Pole

Climbing Speckled  Pole-90 days-  colorful seeds, vigorous  vines.  Seeds are speckled with a pale background.1 oz. Pkt. $3.00  (Limit 1 Pkt.) Certified Organic Seed

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Dr. Martin

Dr. Martin- 100 days - Late, big seeded green lima.  Pods are huge and they take a very long time to mature. UNAVAILABLE FOR 2021



Empress- 90 days- large seeds which are white with maroon spotting. Many people  have tried to produce a Speckled Calico Lima .  Empress comes out on top for both  production  and spotting.  The difficulty in producing a nice spotted lima is that one must always make selections  every year on the most spotted seeds to save for the next season. Without selection the pattern quickly disintegrates to streaking and the over production of the maroon color. A great variety to work with if someone enjoys a challenge Large vigorous vines. Developed by Curt Burroughs as a cross of Christmas Lima.    1 oz Pkt. $3.00 Certified Organic Seed

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Florida Speckled

Florida Speckled- 90 days (to green shell)- Buff colored seed with maroon speckles.  1 oz. Pkt. $2.50


Frosty Lima

Frosty Lima - 88 days - Large, beautiful seeds that are mauve and pink speckled with a frosty “icing” coating, pole type.  We think this is the most beautiful bean seed that we grow. 1 oz. Pkt. $3.00



Ganymede-90 days- a beautiful tri -color of black, white and red on a medium sized bean, the bean gives a slightly above average crop on vigorous vines. a good cooking bean that also doubles as a good shelly bean.  Pkt. ( 20-25 seeds) $3.00 Certified Organic Seed


Grandma Storrt’s Speckled

Grandma Storrt’s Speckled- 90 days-Truly a beautiful colored bean. There are not a lot of  tri-colored lima beans available which makes this variety a keeper. Similar to Ganymede in shape, size and growth pattern. The primary difference  is that  this one is speckled  white, red and maroon tri-colored where as  Ganymede is white, red and black tricolored. Once considered extinct  this one was saved  in Tom’s freezer.  25 seeds Pkt. $3.00 Certified  Organic Seed

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Hernden Lima

Hernden Lima - 80 days -  Pole, white seeded sieva type. UNAVAILABLE FOR 2020

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Hopi Red

Hopi Red -90 days- Weak vines, more of a semi vining type with heavy yields near the ground.. Dark red seed with slight black streaks.  1 oz Pkt. $3.00 Certified Organic Seed

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Hopi Yellow

Hopi Yellow- 90 days- Weak vines, more of a semi vining type with heavy yields near the ground., deep butterscotch colored seed.  1 oz Pkt. $3.00 Certified Organic Seed

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Hort’s Climbing Pea

Hort’s Climbing Pea-90 days- An incredibly productive variety which goes into overdrive producing an excess of small round cream and red colored beans. Seed coat being mostly cream with red spots and streaks on the top portion of the bean. This variety was so productive one almost got tired of harvesting it.  It was an early  producer and after a short break started back up with another productive burst which seemed to rival  UNAVAILABLE FOR 2021

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J. Pottes Lima

J. Pottes Lima - 85 days - Pole, vigorous climber, darkest brown and white sieva type.  1 oz. Pkt. $2.50; 2 Pkt./$4.75


Lynchburg Butterbean

Lynchburg Butterbean - 85 days - Colorful mix of colors, mostly reds and blacks with some other shades pole, butterbean. UNAVAILABLE FOR 2021


Mixed Willowleaf

Amazing  long willow like leaves with massive foliage that grows like jungle. By season end the plants took down the bean fence. I can't imagine what they would do in a warmer longer season. I planted them in early June and just started getting flowers in mid September despite huge foliage and vines.  Plants were loaded with immature beans at frost time in mid October.  1 oz Pkt. $3.00 Certified Organic Seed

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Ohatchee Ala

Ohatchee Ala-85 days- Another variety thought extinct  but found in Tom’s freezer. This is solid black and the strongest performer of any of the black seeded types. Produces seed in abundance  and is a nice solid black color. Tends to produce the entire crop at once. UNAVAILABLE FOR 2021

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Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned-80 days- Once considered extinct, yet another one saved from Tom’s freezer. A reliable variety that produces early with a big flush of beans, coming back again at the end of mid season with another smaller crop. Solid white seeds of Sieva type, but of a slightly larger size on average than most Sieva types. Strong vines with strong production. UNAVAILABLE FOR 2021

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Old Time Pink & White

Old Time Pink & White - 80 days - Beautiful pink and white seeded pole lima, heavy producer.  Pkt. ( 25 seeds) $3.00  Certified Organic Seed

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Pinwheel- 85 days- medium sized maroon bean with white  radiating  from the  hilum out on the top half of the bean. Quite  unique as far as lima seed coat colors go. Bears heavily and reliably, this mid -season producer that tends to produce all at once. Developed by Curt Burroughs. 


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Ping Pong

Ping Pong- 85 days- Developed as a cross between Ping Zebra and Phoebe Vinson, this is one of the most productive varieties of lima beans available. Bean size is small and seed coat is a light cream with varying amounts of purple splashes. Seed coat also exemplifies a slight pinkish veining. A delightful bean, Ping Pong produces from midseason until frost and is a vigorous grower. 


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Pink Standard

Pink Standard-   85 days- a true solid pink lima bean, this variety is unique in how vivid the color is when harvested fresh. Some seeds contain a few tiny black dots on the seed coat. A medium sized bean, that is a vigorous grower and produces average yield.  The pod has an unusual pod shape with many pods turning at a ninety degree angle half way down the pod. Originally from Peru. 


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Purple Eye Pole

Purple Eye Pole-  80 days- beige or off white with a purple hilum.  Pkt. ( 25 seeds)  $3.00 Certified Organic Seeds


Red Butterbean

Another pole lima from Tom Knoche's collection. Lots of vines and  rather late. Pkt. ( 25 seeds) . $2.50  Certified Organic Seed.

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Red Speckled

Red Speckled-  85 days- Red with dark red specks and streaks, it is very similar in size, color, and type to Carolina Red.  The biggest differences are  a maturity slightly later than Carolina Red but slightly more productive. 




Romance- 85 days- A stunning bean, white with a dark maroon hilum and a soft blush of maroon radiating  out from the hilum. Medium-large sized beans and  a strong producer. this variety bears mid season and will produce a second crop inIowa  if the season is long enough.  A fun variety to shell. Developed  from Christmas Lima as  a cross  by Curt Burroughs. UNAVAILABLE FOR 2021


Rosie Claire

Rosie Claire-85 days- Developed as a natural sport from Christmas Lima, this variety has been around  for a very long time in the South.  Very productive  with medium- large sized seeds. The seed coat is mostly half white and half maroon with a lot of white mottling in the maroon areas. Large vines and  a one flush product. UNAVAILABLE FOR 2021

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Thomas-90 days- A late season  white Sieva type. This variety was without a name in Tom’s freezer. Not spectacular in the  Midwest and the pods tend to shatter when too dry. Small flat seeds, probably better suited for southern states. 



Tom’s Divide

Tom’s Divide- 85 days- When Tom passed away this was one of the many varieties in his freezer. Labeled as Ganymede this is not that. Seeds are roughly half white and half maroon. A nice grower, mid season maturity, with slightly higher than average production. Given this name as there is no way to determine  a name otherwise. 1 oz. Pkt. $3.00 Certified Organic Seed


Violets Multi-Colored

Violets Multi-Colored- 85 days- a nice mix of colors sent to us by Robert Smiley in Alabama. This originated in Banks County Georgia  saved for 4 generations by Violet Brandy Westbrook’s family. Pinks and purple hues with streaks. 1 oz. Pkt.  $2.50 Certified Organic Seed