Culture same as for onions.  Approximately 500 seeds/pkt. UPDATED FOR 2020


Blue Solaise- 110 days- a bit shorter in growth but more winter hardy and leaves are bluer green color. Pkt. 2.25 Certified Organic Seed

Carentan- 100 days- Also known as Swiss Giant.  Dates back to at least 1885.  Medium dark green leaves, tender white stems.  Pkt. $2.25


Ester Cook- 120 days - Very tall, thin, white leek.  Excellent quality.  UNAVAILABLE FOR 2020

King Richard- 80 days- a very early leek with good edible length to the stalks.  Pkt. $2.00


Giant Musselburg- 120 days- Scottish variety dating to 1834.  Thick stalk, self blanching.  Pkt. $2.25

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