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(44 varieties to choose from)

Culture is the same as for muskmelons.  Plant 3 to 5 seeds per hill in hills 3 feet apart.  Packets contain 25 to 35 seeds.



Old-fashioned type that can be used for both slicing and for pickles depending on the stage of harvesting.

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Early Fortune

Early Fortune - 60 days- an extremely resistance to most diseases dual purpose type. Fruits  6 -8 inches long. Pkt. $2.50  Certified Organic Seed


Improved Long Green

Improved Long Green - 65 days- A very large, dual purpose cucumber that gets big quick and has a paler green skin color.  Plants stay productive for a long period of time. This one did amazing this year, planted July 4 we had mounds of continuous cucumbers all the way from early September until frost.   Introduced in 1842, this one is an old one but has stood the test of time.  Pkt. $1.50  Certified Organic Seed  SOLD OUT  FOR 2024

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Monastic - 65 days- Dual purpose, short, fat pickling type, cream colored when young, will also work as a small slicer.  Good drought tolerance.  Pkt. $1.50   Certified Organic Seed

Poona Kheera.jpg

Poona Kheera

Poona Kheera - 60 days - Fruits start out a mayonnaise color and turn russet potato colored later on.  Nearly bitter free.  The color changes are good indicators of the edibility. When pale they are tender and bitter free as they look more and more like a russet potato the skin firms ups . Pkt. $2.00  Certified Organic Seed

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Sumpter - 53 days - Blocky, medium green color, resistant to a number of diseases. This variety was developed in the south  and handles the heat well. Pkt. $1.50 Certified Organic Seed



Uzbekski -  50 days- Light green skin turns golden brown, flesh stays crisp after harvest.  This is another one of the Russian varieties that keeps well when it turns to a russet potato look. I am sure when this was developed the storage qualities were an important feature in the areas where the seasons were so short. Pkt. $1.50  Certified Organic Seed

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White Wonder

White Wonder - 60 days - Ivory white fruits, average 6 inches, works well for both pickles and fresh eating, introduced in 1893.  Use the skin color as guide for maturity, the whiter they are the younger and tenderer, as they get yellow they become seedy  and lower in quality.  Pkt. $1.50


                                              Predominantly used for fresh slicing.



Athens - 75 days - Very large, dark green slicer.  Fruits can get quite large and still remain nearly seed free. Superb quality.  This is always one of the nicest looking market cucumbers and the fruits remain seed free for a long period of time and in the end have very few seeds as well. Pkt. $2.50   Certified Organic Seed  UNAVAILABLE FOR 2024

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Bedfordshire Prize

Bedfordshire Prize- 65 days- A good 10 inches green slicing cucumber.  High and continuous yields.  An excellent English variety.   Pkt. $3.00  Certified Organic Seed

Beit Alpha.jpg

Beit Alpha

Beit Alpha- 56 days- Straight, thick, tender fruit, medium green skin, mild.  Super thin skin make these a super garden snack food, no need to peel and no bitterness. The super thin skin makes them highly susceptible to cucumber beetle issues. Pkt. $1.50

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Black Diamond

Black Diamond- 67 days- Old-fashioned  medium dark green cucumber with a long history introduced in 1920.  Pkt. $1.50  Certified Organic Seed

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Burpee’s Sunnybrook Early

Burpee’s Sunnybrook Early- 60 days- 9 to 11 inch dark green, white spine cucumbers. An old Burpee into  Pkt. $1.50  Certified Organic Seed

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Burpless Tendergreen

Burpless Tendergreen - 70 days - Light green with white spines, average 10 inches long, slight blocky shape. Super tnedre skin with excellent taste.   Pkt. $2.50 Certified Organic Seed



Delikatesse- 60 days- Medium green, 8 to 10 inch slicer.  Superb, semi-burpless type.  Pkt. $1.50 Certified Organic Seed


Emporeur Alexandre

Emporeur Alexandre-  60 days - From Russian royalty.  Medium green fruits picked at 6 inch optimum long length.  Mild flavor, very productive.  Pkt. $2.00  Certified Organic Seed


Frost Resistant

Frost Resistant - 60 days - Early, disease tolerant and productive, but variable in fruit color from pale green to whitish, 6 to 8 inch slicer. Pkt. $2.00 Certified Organic Seed

Glorie de Paris.jpg

Glorie de Paris

Glorie de Paris - 65 days - Terrific yielder of 12 to 15 inch long, vary uniform, blocky slicing cucumber.  Fruits can get quite large and still remain relatively seed free.    Pkt. $2.75  Certified Organic Seed 

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Greek - 60 days - Very productive and tasty.  Not a real dark color and doesn’t look like traditional type, but excellent quality.  My favorite for refrigerator pickles, no need to peel, mild all the way through.  This one does not make good canned pickles. Pkt. $2.00 Certified  Organic Seed


Improved Telegraph

Improved Telegraph-80 days-  the seed was in some of Tom Knoche’s  collection and was 26 years old. Surprising it grew and well. The yields were huge with many 18plus inch near seed free  fruits. This variety does not produce a lot of seeds so we had literally 6 times the  amount of fruit to get the same amount of seed of most varieties. The fruit  remain in a great edible state for a very long time. It does best if trellised to allow the fruit to hang down. UNAVAILABLE IN 2024 -DEER PROBLEMS


Japanese Climbing

Japanese Climbing- 63 days- A very uniform, dark green slicer type.  High yields.  Pkt. $1.50 Certified Organic Seed

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Lemon - 60 days - Super tasty globe shaped lemon colored skin.  I like to take them whole in my lunch.  Skin is not bitter.  Pkt. $1.50

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Longfellow- 67 days- Long 12 to 15 inches  green American type slicer.  Remains edible when larger than most.   Introduced in 1927.   Pkt. $3.00 Certified Organic seed

Lungo Verde.jpg

Lungo Verde D'Ogli Ortolani

Lungo Verde Degli Ortolani- 65 days- deep green smooth slicer from Italy.  Pkt. $2.50 Certified Organic Seed



Marketer -- 62 days - Introduced in 1943, slender smooth tapered, dark green, long harvest period.  Pkt. $1.50

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Metki White Armenian

Metki White Armenian - 75 days - Actually a muskmelon by species.  Used as a cucumber, long, pale skinned fruits.  These are popular in the Middle East and are very mild and easy to digest. Pkt. $1.50



Mirella- 70 days-  A very nice, blocky,  Middle Eastern type burpless, thin-skinned cucumber.  Not the best in fusarium resistance, but superb for eating.  Pkt. $2.00   Certified Organic Seed 


Sanjiaku Kiuri

Sanjiaku Kiuri- 65 days- a very skinny curved bitter free skin slicing type. Outstanding yields  and the best for refrigerator pickles we have tried  so far as no need to peel and the  slices stay crisp longer than any in the sugar water solution. Pkt. $2.50 Certified Organic Seed UNAVAILABLE FOR 2024

straight nine.jpg

Straight Nine

Straight Nine- 60 days- An improved version of Straight Eight, more tolerant to drought and downy and powdery mildew, green in color.  Pkt. $2.50  Certified Organic Seed

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Tokiwa - 70 days - Very large slicer, uniform in shape, very tasty.  Very closely resembles a seedless greenhouse cucumber.  Fruits remain in superb eating condition even when they get very large.  Excellent source for anyone growing for farmers’ markets.  Pkt. $2.50  Certified Organic Seed


Best used for making pickles, but can be eaten fresh 

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Armstrong Early Cluster

Armstrong Early Cluster - 50 days - Very early, compact plants produce large numbers of small, thumb size in length cucumbers perfect for whole pickles.  Pkt. $2.00  Certified Organic Seed


Boothbys Blonde

Boothbys Blonde- 60 days- very productive Maine heirloom. Fruits start out pale cream and as they get a bit mature change darker. Pkt. $2.00 Certified Organic Seed

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Boston Pickling

Boston Pickling- 51 days-  Introduced in 1880, a moderately short, plump pickling cucumber.  Pkt. $1.50   Certified Organic Seed

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Bush Pickle

Bush Pickle- 58 days- Newer introduction, short vines, and lots of medium sized pickling type. Pkt. $2.50 Certified Organic Seed

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Chicago Pickling

Chicago Pickling- 55 days- Excellent short, fat pickling type that holds up well to insects and disease.  Introduced in 1888.  Pkt. $2.00   Certified Organic Seed LIMIT 1 PACKET UNAVAILABLE FOR 2024

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Chipper - 60 days - Very productive pickler that is short and fat, developed for the pickle chip industry.  Pkt. $2.00  Certified Organic Seed



Dekah - 65 days - Very productive pickler A superbly uniform type from the Ukraine.  Pkt. $2.00  Certified Organic Seed

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Early Green Cluster

Early Green Cluster- 58 days- A little later type, also excellent for pickles.  Introduced in 1778.  Pkt. $1.50  Certified Organic Seed


Morden Early

Morden Early- 45 days- Nice bush plant, compact vines, super early, nice pickler. Developed at  the Morden Experiment Station in Manitoba.  Pkt. $3.00  Certified Organic Seed


North Carolina Heirloom Pickling

North Carolina Heirloom Pickling- 60 days- A wonderful 2 to 3 inches, blocky, creamy white cucumber.  Makes superb dill pickles.  Stay crisp when pickled. a  heavy producer and continuous producer all season long.   Pkt. $2.50 Certified Organic Seed

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Rhinish Pickle

Rhinish Pickle - 55 days - Old German pickler type, black spines, very good pickler.  Pkt. $1.75  Certified Organic Seed

spanberg Pickling.jpg

Spanberg Pickling

Spanberg Pickling- 58 days- an early productive Russian pickler.  An interesting thing was noticed in the 2022 seed crop grow out, typically if you leave fruits on to ripen as we do for seed production the plants stop producing new fruit.This one kept on producing until frost. In early October from a June 20 planting we had mature fruit and tiny edible fruit. Pkt. $2.00 Certified Organic Seed


Ukrainian Pickling

Ukrainian Pickling- 60 days- Light green fruits, as is typical of the Eastern European types, they turn a russet color when ripe and will remain solid for several weeks in storage.  Pkt. $2.00   Certified Organic Seed


Used for small pickles.  Not the same species as regular cucumbers.  Packet should contain at least 50 seeds.

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Jamaican - 65 days - Gherkin type, very similar to West India Gherkin, but is earlier and more productive. Pkt. $1.50 Certified Organic Seed

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West India Gherkin

West India Gherkin- 70 days- Small, burr sized, spiny cucumbers that are of a different species than regular cucumbers.  Pkt. $1.50  Certified Organic Seed

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