(43 varieties to choose from) UPDATED FOR 2020  ( hopefully pictures soon)


Culture is very similar to beans.  Plant when the soil is warm.  Many view these as a Southern crop.  All of these do fine here in Iowa.  They are delicious fresh-shelled and cooked.  Or you may dry them before shelling and use them as dry beans.  They make a rich broth and are an excellent food product. Try some this year. We  continued tackling Tom Knoche’s cowpea freezer storage this year and had great success.  We had more that we will increase further and will be available for 2021.


Big Boy Greenhull-  80 days- typical sized black-eyed pea with a white seed color and a beige to tannish hilum. Originally from the  collection of Faxon Stinnett an early Seed Savers Exchange member from Oklahoma. and collector of many tomatoes and beans.( 30-50 seeds/Pkt.) $2.75 Certified Organic Seed

Bisbee Black- 85 days- very long vines  with many pods containing black seeds. Originally from Native Seed Search.1 oz. Pkt $2.00 Certified Organic Seed.


Bisbee Red- 85 days-  long vines with brick red seeds in long pods. Originally from Native Seed Search. 1 oz. Pkt. $2.00 Certified Organic Seed


Black Crowder- 85 days- Jet Black seed on upright plants.  Green pods are tender early and the seed production is prolific.  1 oz. Pkt. $2.00  Certified Organic Seed

Blue Goose-  90 days- a very nice large bush type with seeds with a bluish cast.  Clearly distinct colors. 1 oz Pkt. $3.00 Certified Organic Seed


Brown Crowder -  85 days - Bushy plants produce multiple plump pods of tan brown seeds. 1 oz Pkt. $2.00  Certified Organic Seed


Brown Whippoorwill- 75 days - Vigorous plants, brown speckled seeds. 1 oz. pkt. $2.50  Certified Organic Seed


Calcutta- 85 days-  red and white pinto pattern  with  medium sized slightly round  in shape peas. Very colorful and vines are very  vigorous Obtained from DM Brown of Arizona in 1989 (30-50 seeds/Pkt.) $2.75 Certified Organic Seed


Calico Crowder-  90 days- white and red mixed pattern on the  same seed. Pkt. (30- 50 seeds ) $3.00 Certified Organic Seed


Colossus-  75 days-  very small red seeds that resemble Adzuki beans. Vining plants. ( 30-50 seeds/Pkt.) $2.75 Certified Organic Seed


Colossus Crowder- 70 days- a very early large seeded beige tan colored cowpea..  Pkt. (30-50 seeds) $3.00 Certified Organic Seed

Cow-  70 days- 9 inch pods that have 20 or more black seeds per pod on extremely productive plants that produce multiple crops. The most productive cowpea I have ever grown. This was in Tom’s collection with no documentation other than the word Cow written on the packet. 1  oz. Pkt. $2.75 Certified Organic Seed SOLD OUT AS OF APRIL 30

Early Lady - 70 days - (aka “Lady Peas”) Plants are extremely productive, but to pick for the dry stage you must pick prior to total dryness.  They will shatter if allowed to totally dry.  Please remember the seeds of these are very small so don’t plant them too close together.  This has white seed with pods in bunches.  1 oz. Pkt. $2.00  Certified Organic Seed

Fairchild - 85 days - A family heirloom from Alabama sent to us by Steve Riley of Alabama.  A productive type when seasons are hot.  1 oz. Pkt. $2.00 Certified Organic Seed

Franklin Red - 78 days - An heirloom from Alabama.  Nice, dark red peas on semi-vining plants.  1 oz. Pkt. $3.00 Certified Organic Seed


Georgia Long- 75 days- looks very much like a yard long bean to me both in pod type and seed characteristics. Many pods were easily 30 inches long  with smaller seeds. Plants were not incredibly viney and the pods were  somewhat fibrous at a very young Another  one from the collection of Faxon Stinnett..  Pkt. (30-50 seeds) $3.00 Certified Organic Seed

Green Dixie- 80 days- A nice semi bushy type with black eye and greenish cast base color.  1 oz Pkt. $3.00 Certified Organic Seed


Hercules-  80 days- 7 inch pods with 20  nice sized  large flat tan colored peas per pod . I oz Pkt. $2.75 Certified Organic Seed


Isaia-  75 days-  medium sized black seeds in 6 inch pods.  1 oz. Pkt.  $2.75 Certified Organic Seed


Iron and Clay- 85 days - Best used for soil improver.  Large vines go and climb everywhere.  Seeds are colorful and edible.  1 oz. Pkt. $2.50


Kentucky Red - 85 days - Large red seeds, long pods (16 to 20 seeds per pod).  Plants are not as vining as Red Ripper, but earlier and more productive.  1 oz. Pkt. $3.00  Certified Organic Seed


Kirby Crowder-  80 days-  small sized black-eyed pea type with a tan colored hilum. A Texas heirloom.  1 oz. Pkt. $2.75 Certified Organic Seed

Maroon Speckled Whippoorwill  - 80 days- typical whippoorwill type with smooth seeds  and   maroon colored speckles on a base color of tannish brown. From the Jack Rice collection an early member of the Seed Savers Exchange who had  an extensive collection of lima beans and cowpeas. 1 oz. Pkt $2.50 Certified Organic Seed

Mississippi Cream-  75 days- vining but not terribly long ones, 5-6 foot vines on most.Very productive . Peas are very tiny  in size and are a cream color. Said to be nematode resistant. ( Pkt. ( 30-50 seeds )  $2.75 Certified Organic Seed


Mississippi Purple-    90 days- 7 inch purple colored pods with around 20  mauve to tan colored seeds per pod -Pkt. (30-50 seeds)  $2.75 Certified Organic Seed

Nicks Italian- 90 days- Donated to us by the Hendricksons of Ohio who got it from their Italian friend. Very vigorous vines that get 8 to 10 feet tall and have loads of long pods with true black-eyed type peas.  1 oz. Pkt. $ 3.00 Certified Organic Seed


Old Fashioned Red Ripper - 90 days - Almost the true Red Ripper, large seeded, vigorous vines.  Thanks to John Lund for saving the real thing.  1 oz. Pkt. $3.00 Certified Organic Seed


Old Timey Wash Day- 80 days-  short 5 inch pods with very small white seeds.  From Tennessee named because they cook quick and were served on wash day. Pkt. ( 30-50 seeds)) $2.75 Certified Organic Seed 


Papago- 83 days- Very pretty black/white bean.  Good yields on a  vining plant.  Packet 1 oz. Pkt. $3.50  Certified Organic Seed 


Pennyrile - 80 days - Shorter plants, yellow brown seeds.  This one is unique in that you can use the young pods to eat pod and all like Yardlong beans.  1 oz. Pkt. $2.25 Certified Organic Seed


Pigott Family Heirloom - 65 days- Originally from Louisiana, brown speckled seeds.  1 oz. Pkt. $3.00  Certified Organic Seed


Pygott-   70 days-  7 inch pods with  an average of 20 seeds per pod , very productive.  Original source was Orral Craig of Illinois. Possibly the same as Pigott Family Heirloom but this was the name on the packet in Tom’s freezer.1 oz. Pkt. $2.75 Certified Organic Seed


Rattlesnake- 85 days-  small white seeds with a reddish hilum., very colorful and vines are very vigorous and  productive. Originally from Donna Hudson of Tennessee who obtained it from a  92 year old local  back in the 1980’s. 1 oz. Pkt.  $2.75 Certified Organic Seed


Red- 80 days-  vining and productive with brick red seeds .  1 Oz. Pkt.  $2.75 Certified Organic Seed


Red Lady- 75 days - an early semi-bush pale cream red  small seeded cowpea.  Pkt. (30-50 seeds) $3.00 Certified Organic Seed


Red Ripper - 85 days - Long vines. 10 to 15 seeds per pod.  Small red seeds.  This is not the old fashioned, big seeded, vigorous viner.  1 oz. Pkt. $2.50  Certified Organic Seed

Running Conch- 80 days-  cream colored l medium sized cowpea that needs some support. . Pkt. ( 30-50 seeds) $3.00 Certified Organic Seed


Tennessee Cream - 75 days - Bushy, long pods, produce medium size tan seeds.  (50 seeds/Pkt.)  Pkt. $2.50  Certified Organic Seed


Texas Cream- 80 days-  a cream type peas best used for green shell. Small cream colored seeds.  Pkt. ( 30-50 seeds) $3.00 Certified Organic Seeds


Whippoorwill- 80 days- A nice mix of seed color from cream with speckles to mauve.  Good producer. 1 oz. Pkt. $3.00  Certified Organic Seed 


White Whippoorwill - 80 days - Southern heirloom, creamy white peas.  1 oz. Pkt. $2.75  Certified Organic Seed


Yellow Ripper  - 90 days - Pale cream yellow seeds in plump pods.  (50 seeds/Pkt.)  Pkt. $3.00  Certified Organic Seed


Zipper Cream- 65 days- Large, sprawling plants, light cream colored seeds. UNAVAILABLE FOR 2020

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