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(8 varieties to choose from)

It is best for northern gardeners to treat this like peppers by starting them inside and transplanting them in the garden.  I keep the later season types in flower pots in front of buildings for decoration.  They make a showy plant both in flowers and foliage.  Then when the bolls pop open they are quite colorful. Believe it or not we had beautiful looking transplants in our plots this year and the rabbit would not leave them alone. I don’t think they were eating them but they kept nibbling and we got no seed production this year. We are thankful to our friends Pam and Edmund Brown for getting some new ones to list. UPDATED FOR 2023

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Buranda - 135 days-   a white boll type.  Good tolerance to insects and drought. Pkt. ( 25 seeds) $3.00 UNAVAILABLE FOR 2023


Butternut Brown

Butternut Brown - 130 days - Very large, fluffy bolls, almost a khaki color. (Pkt. ( 25 seeds) $3.00

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Egyptian Green 

Egyptian Green - 115 days - Beautiful flowers on 3 to 4 foot tall plants followed by bolls that produce pale green cotton. Pkt. ( 25 seeds) $3.00  LIMIT 1 PACKET SOLD OUT AS OF APRIL 15

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Mississippi Brown

Mississippi Brown- 135 days- Very late, Deeply lobed leaves with bolls that open to  light tan to pale brown. Pkt( 25 seeds) $3.00 UNAVAILABLE FOR 2023

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Red Foliated White

Red Foliated White-  110 days- A very attractive plant that has reddish stems and leaves and easily gets 3 feet tall here. The earliest maturing we grow. Cotton is white in color. PKT ( 15-20 SEEDS) $3.00. We are leaving the  cotton on the seed so you can see the fiber length. Certified Organic Seed. 

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Seamist Green

Seamist Green - 130 days - Lint is off green in color, bolls do not open up big, not a fluffy type.  UNAVAILABLE IN 2023


Snow White

Snow White - 130 days - Pure whitePKT ( 15-20 SEEDS) $3.00. We are leaving the  cotton on the seed so you can see the fiber length. Certified Organic Seed.

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Tan - 115 days - 4 foot plants with tan to brown shaded cotton bolls. Pkt. (25 seeds) $2.00; 3 Pkts. $5.00 6 Pkts. $8.00

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