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Plant seeds about 4 inches apart in rows 3 feet apart. Short season types can be planted closer in row separation, late season large stalked varietes do best when it is 8 to 10 inches between plants.   We have so many open pollinated corns it has always been a challenge to decide what to list here.  After much thought, we will now have sort of a rotating corn listing.  We won’t be discontinuing varieties.  They will just float in and out of the catalog as we get a decent seed supply.  Some popular items will be grown and listed every year.  Others will be rotated in and out every few years.


Corn Note:  We have a huge corn collection and are constantly looking for efficient ways to maintain it and to share the most worthy with the public.  We have the privilege of having a long season and have studied the wind and weather patterns for some time.  We cannot guarantee that an occasional mix up won’t occur but we do take care to control as much as we are able and will not offer those that pollination times perhaps overlapped or distances were not great enough.  In 2010 we started planting corn on May 2 and finished in early July.  In one case we were planting a variety next to one that we were preparing to harvest a few days later.  We started harvesting our first corn for seed in mid July and finished up the end of October.  For example, Dakota White was planted next to Truckers Favorite Yellow.  Dakota White was done tasseling and nearly ready to pick for seed with a plant height of 5 feet when Truckers Favorite Yellow had yet to tassel and was getting close to 12 feet tall.


We are hopeful that everyone will try to grow at least one non GMO variety this year to counteract the sad state of affairs our world has come to with the near total reliance on GMO corn. There are many worthwhile , nutritious open pollinated varieties that can truly feed the world with a higher nutritive value  product than the increasingly lower food value GMO material. 

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