Summer Squash: Scallops/Patty Pans Group

One of my favorite groups for eating. The fruit needs to be picked small for best flavor and texture. 

Benning’s Green Tint

Benning’s Green Tint- 58 days- Pale, greenish-white, scalloped-type summer squash. Best used when less than 4 inches in diameter. Pkt. $1.75 

Early White Scallop

Early White Scallop - 50 days - Nice compact bush type with small uniform white scallop fruit.   Harvest when less than 4 inches in diameter. Pkt. $1.50

Gelber Englischer

A super thin flattened scallop of bright lemon yellow color. Excellent quality . Plants are bush in nature. Pkt. $2.50

Golden Scallop

Golden Scallop-  55 days- A nice scallop squash, beautiful golden orange color when mature for seed, nice pale yellow  when in the edible  stage.  Pkt. $1.50

Juane et Verte

Juane et Verte- 60 days - Very colorful patty pan type.  Holds well.  Cream and green striped. A bit thicker than most scallop types.  Pkt. $2.00

Woods Earliest Prolific

50 days- An early , bush very superb scallop type. Stays small and edible for a longer time than most. We obtained this from the National Seed Storage Lab in the early 1980's. Grew it out  increased the  seed and spread it around for awhile and then when the squash collection got so large it sort of slipped through the cracks.  I discovered a package from 1987 in the freezer and decided to grow it again. Wow a true treasure. Pkt. $2.00 Certified Organic Seed 

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