Start indoors 8 weeks prior to setting out.  Set out when still cool but no hard freezes are expected.  I cut out the bottoms of milk jugs and place them over the transplants for a few days to harden off the plants.  (Approximately 800 seeds/pkt.)


Monstorpolgi- 100 days from transplant -  Large, firm round roots with few side shoots.  Pkt. $1.50   Certified Organic Seed



Culture similar to Celeriac.  (Approximately 1000 seeds/pkt.)


Giant Pascal - 110 days- Tall, nice, easy to grow celery.  Large heart that blanches creamy white, tender stalks.  Pkt. $1.50


Golden Pascal - 115 days- Plants get about 20 inches and are a pale  yellow green color. Pkt. $1.50


Golden Self-Blanching - 110 days - Blanches to a golden color.  Introduced in 1886.  Thick, yellow-green ribs.  Pkt. $1.50


Utah Tall - 100 days from transplant - Long, crisp stalks, compact heads, medium dark green color.  Pkt. $2.00 Certified Organic Seed

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