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Best success is to sow seeds 3-4 weeks prior to transplanting  outside. usual transplant time  is 4-5 weeks prior  to the last frost date. here in Iowa I like to set the plants out around the first of April  with some protection from heavier frosts.  Usual guidelines is about a week after you plant peas. A Fall crop works well here if direct seeded in mid July. 

Packet will contain approximately 200- 300 seeds unless noted otherwise. UPDATED FOR 2024

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Atlantic- 65 days- Developed in 1960.  Very uniform, compact, solid, bluish heads with heavy side shoots. UNAVAILABLE FOR 2024

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DeCicco- 50 days - A very early sprouting type.  Small head with lots of side shoots.  Introduced in 1890. This one always seems to do the best when direct seeded early and just left alone.  Pkt. $1.50

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Limba- 75 days- performs well during summer heat, good sized smaller beaded heads. A Czech variety. UNAVAILABLE FOR 2024

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Piracicaba-  55 days- From Brazil.  A non-heading type.  Loose type heads with lots of side shoots.  Forms well in hot weather. A much more heat tolerant De Cicco type.  Pkt. $3.00

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Romanesco-85 days- rather later but cauliflower like buds that are attractive , tasty and ornamental. Pkt. $2.00

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Thompson- 78 days- Another of Tim Peters’ creations.  Best for Fall crops.  Heads are slightly larger than Umpqua.  Pkt. ( 25 seeds) $2.00  UNAVAILABLE FOR 2024

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Umpqua - 75 days- An open pollinated type that will show some slight variations, but is of excellent quality.  We make a second direct seeded planting in late July and we get huge heads the first part of October. Developed by Tim Peters.  Pkt. $2.50

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Waltham 29

Waltham 29- 80 days- My old favorite prior to Umpqua introduction.  This variety does not head up well in the heat.  Either plant it very early or it is best used for a Fall crop.  Pkt. $1.50

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