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2020 Books and Note Cards 

2020 Seeds, Roots, and Books Order Form - CLICK ON THE PDF



We have a few books for sale that we think are really great.  We feel that everyone who has an interest in gardening, homesteading, or raising farm animals should consider one or more of these wonderful books.  These make wonderful gifts for friends and relatives as well.




Katie’s Assorted Note Cards- This is an assortment of 12 note cards (black and white) of the six (6) cover drawings Katie Weets has done for our Sand Hill Preservation Center catalog.  This includes the drawing for the 2015 catalog cover.  You will get at least one (1) of each of the six drawings with six (6) additional random assorted cards plus twelve (12) envelopes.   

1 set of notecards - $11.00 (Postpaid)




Epic Tomatoes - by Craig LeHoullier.  Grow and harvest the best tomatoes ever with this practical and beautiful guide by tomato expert, Craig LeHoullier.  Along the way, you’ll learn about this  fruit’s fascinating history, and meet 33 of LeHoullier’s favorite varieties.    $30.00 per copy

Seed to Seed -  by seed saving expert, Suzanne Ashworth.  This book is a the best reference book for anyone interested in saving their own seed.  Every vegetable crop that you could imagine is included in this book.  $30.00 per copy 

Starter Vegetable Gardens - by Barbara Pleasant.  For first-time vegetable gardeners, Barbara Pleasant takes the guesswork and anxiety out of growing food.  She clearly explains exactly how to start, maintain, and eventually expand an organic vegetable garden, even in the smallest of spaces, covering everything from soil quality to planting schedules to fertilizers, harvesting, and more.  Includes 24 no-fail, small-scale garden plans that will provide fresh food all season long.  $22.50 per copy

The Organic Farming Manual -  by Ann Larkin Hansen.  The Organic Farming Manual is a comprehensive guide to growing, certifying, and marketing organic produce, grains, meat, and dairy.  The book also explains the benefits - increased income from high-demand goods, better conditions for farm animals, conserving nonrenewable resources - of a well-run organic farm and shares the stories of other farmers who have gone organic.  $30.00 per copy


The Perfect Pumpkin -  by Gail Damerow.  Gail Damerow offers detailed instructions on how to grow and harvest more than 95 varieties, plush fun ideas for carving and crafts projects and more than 30 recipes.  The big orange pumpkin is no longer just for halloween.  $16.00 per copy


The Vegetable Gardener’s Container Bible - by  Edward C Smith.  Ed Smith provides information on growing everyone’s favorite vegetables in all kinds of containers.  He explains how to choose the right plants, select appropriate containers and tools, provide balanced nutrition, care for plants throughout the growing season, control pess without chemicals, and much more.  He even includes plans for small-space container gardens that urban and suburban gardeners will love.  This book has everything gardeners need to produce bountiful container harvests, even in the smallest spaces.  $22.50 per copy


Tips for the Lazy Gardener - by Linda Tilgner.  Hundreds of time-saving tips and routines allow gardeners to produce better vegetables and herbs with less work and more pleasure.  $15.50 per copy

Vertical Vegetables and Fruit - by Rhonda Massingham Hart.  The author shows how easy and fun small-footprint food gardening can be.  Low maintenance and big harvests are just two of the benefits of using teepees, trellises, cages, hanging baskets, wall pockets, stacking pots, and multilevel raised beds to grow vegetables.  176 pages, $18.00 per copy




An Introduction To Heritage Breeds - by D. Phillip Sponenberg, DVM, Jeannette Beranger, and Alison Martin of The Livestock Conservancy.  Heritage breeds matter, and they are often a better choice than conventional breeds for small farms and backyards.  This eloquent, inviting, visual guide explains why conserving heritage breeds is important and shows you how you can raise these breeds yourself, helping to presrve them and benefiting from them at the same time.  Written by three experts from the Livestock Conservancy, this book includes chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, rabbits, pigs, sheep, goats, cattle, donkeys, and horses, detailing each breed’s specific needs and characteristics so that you can select the one that’s right for you.  $23.00 per copy


Chicken Coops (45 Building Plans for Housing

Your Flock) - by Judy Pangman.  Bring your chickens home to roost in comfort and style!  Whether you’re keeping one hen in a small backyard or 1,000 hens in a large free-range pasture, you will find the perfect housing plan in this comprehensive handbook.  It contains low budget alternatives for working with what you have as well as working with found and recycled materials.  There are also plans for building more upscale coops from the ground up as well as simple ways to make waterers, feeders, and nest boxes.  166 pages- 8 1/2” x 10 1/2” - $24.00 per copy


Keep Chickens! _(Tending _Small _Flocks_ in

Cities, Suburbs, and Other Small Spaces) - by Barbara Kilarski.  In this book Ms. Kilarski provides, with a nice helping of humor, the detailed information every aspiring chicken keeper needs to know.  She gives a lot of basic information about raising chickens (especially raising them in town) such as Why Keep Chickens?, Chicken Basics, Chickens and the Law, Building a Coop, How to Pick a Chick, and Chicken Care.  Ms. Kilarski also includes a summary of selected city municipal codes (current as of 2003).  150 pages - 6” x 9” - $19.00 per copy


Fowl Play - by Patrick Merrell.  This is a fun book of puzzles, trivia, and humor all centered around chickens.  144 pages - paperback - $12.50 per copy


Pocketful of Poultry edited by Carol Ekarius.  More than 100 poultry breeds show their amazing colors in full page images that capture their good looks and lively personalities.  Facing each poultry portrait is an informational page offering facts about the breed, including its primary use and its conservation status.  A pocket treasure for fowl fanciers everywhere!  272 pages, 6” x 4 1/4”, $13.50 per copy 


Showing Poultry by Glenn Drowns.  For poultry raisers who want to show their best birds to others, this book offers all the guidance needed to be successful at exhibiting in county and state fairs and expositions.  From selecting the best breeds to proper diet, care, and handling; cage training; and judging standards, author Glenn Drowns shares his expert advice. - $10.00 per copy.  (Please indicate if you would like for Glenn to autograph your copy.)


Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens third edition by Gail Damerow.  This is another wonderful book by Gail which covers everything you need to know about raising chickens.  In her book, she tells you how to choose the right breed for you, care of baby chicks, feeders and housing, how to collect and store eggs, raising meat chickens, and how to show your chickens.  352 pages - 6” x 9” - $14.00 per copy


Storey’s Guide to Raising Ducks by Dave Holderread.  Dave Holderread has raised ducks for more than 40 years.  He lives in Oregon with his wife, Millie, where they maintain some of the best flocks of domestic waterfowl in the world.  Dave is “The Authority” on waterfowl today.  This fully illustrated book tells you everything you need to know about raising ducks - breed descriptions, feeding and housing, showing prize-winning ducks, health care and disease prevention, etc.  It is a wonderful resource for anyone from the beginner to the advanced breeder.  320 pages - 6” x 9” - $22.00 per copy 


Storey’s Guide to Raising Turkeys by Don Schrider.  New version released in January, 2013.    All new focus on turkey raising for the back yard and turkey diseases as well as how to butcher and cook the turkeys.   - 6” x 9” - $22.00 per copy 


Storey’s Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds by Carol Ekarius.  Presented here, breed by breed, are more than 120 barnyard fowl - - from chickens and turkeys to emus and pheasants.  For each animal, readers will find stunning color photography, a brief history, and a detailed description.  The identifying characteristics included for each breed are: class; size; appearance of comb, wattles, and earlobes; color; place of origin; conservation status; and special qualities.  Author Carol Ekarius provides enough information to satisfy both the dedicated browser and the serious farmer weighing the pros and cons of multiple breeds.  224 pages - 8 1/2” x 10 7/8” - Paper $30.00 per copy 


Storey’s Guide to Raising Poultry (fourth edition) by Glenn Drowns.  This book covers chickens, waterfowl,  guineas, turkeys, as well as miscellaneous other fowl.    It is complete with pen ideas, breeding plans, breed selecting, care and health issues as well as raising your own feed.  This is all new material.  464 pages - $21.00 per copy (Please indicate if you would like for Glenn to autograph your copy.)


The Chicken Health Handbook by Gail Damerow.  Gail is a well known authority on chickens.  We feel that this book is a must for the small flock owner.  It talks about the problems and diseases common to chickens of all breeds and ages.  Practical charts in this book help pinpoint common symptoms and causes of disease.  There is an alphabetical listing of diseases which gives quick access to treatments and remedies for most problems you may encounter when raising chickens.  352 pages - 6” x 9” - $22.50 per copy 




Bean to Bean by Crescent Dragonwagon.  More than 175 reipes using all different kinds of beans.  This book contains basic bean cookery as well as an Appendix in the back listing the different varieties of beans carried in our catalog (Adzuki, Cranberry, Fava, Lentil, Lima, Mung, Rattlesnake, Tepary, etc.), their origins and characteristics, how to cook them, what they are used for, etc. - $19.00 per copy


Grandma’s Recipes from Homestead Publishers.  The recipes from this book are all from the decades of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s.  The ingredients are ones that would have been available during those eras.  281 pages, spiral bound - $16.00 per copy


Simply Seven  from Homestead Publishers.  This cookbook is a collection of over 1900 recipes that use seven ingredients or less.  Spiral bound. - $20.00 per copy

The Basics and More Cookbook from Homestead Publishers.  This cookbook is a collection of basic recipes from Mennonite kitchens.  459 pages, spiral bound - $20.00 per copy


The Practical Produce Cookbook from Homestead Publishers.  This cookbook is a complete produce manual that every gardener will want on their bookshelf.  Linda has had this cookbook for years and goes there first when Glenn brings vegetables in from the garden to sample.  The book is divided alphabetically by vegetable and gives recipes for soups, salads, sandwiches, main dishes, baked goods and desserts as well as planting, harvesting, canning and freezing tips for each vegetable.  332 pages, spiral bound - $18.50 per copy




The best way to ensure that heirloom seeds and poultry are going to be around on this planet for many years to come is to encourage a child to become interested in their heritage.  We would recommend that you find a young person to mentor and share a book with them.   We will try to increase the listings here as we find good ones to share.


NOTE:  If you are a 4-H leader (or a parent or friend of a 4-Her),   please   consider  ordering  the  books  Storey’s Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds by Carol Ekarius  or Showing Poultry by Glenn Drowns (both listed above) and donating them to your local 4-H club.  They will be invaluable tools to use for selecting and preparing your birds to show for the fair!  The other book listed above named Pocket Full of Poultry by Carol Ekarius would also be a good book to consider giving to a 4-Her.

Barnyard Games & Puzzles by Helene Hovanec & Patrick Merrell.  100 mazes, word games, picture puzzles, jokes & riddles, brainteasers, and fun activities for kids.  These games and puzzles depict life on the farm and have a difficulty rating of 1 hay bale (for younger children) up to 4 hay bales (for older children).  It also includes a barnyard dictionary and an answer key in the back of the book.  144 pages - 8 1/2” x 10 1/2” - $14.00 per copy

Chicken Games & Puzzles  - Another wonderful book by Patrick Merrell and Helene Hovanec.  This book offers mazes, brain teasers, logic puzzles, word searches, jokes, riddles, tongue twisters, and more.  Everything is geared toward chickens and is organized sequentially from the simplest in the front of the book to the more challenging puzzles in the back of the book.  For children 6 to 12 years of age.  144 pages; 8” x 10.75” - $14.00 per copy


Nature’s Art Box - Written by Laura C. Martin with drawings by David Cain.  From t-shirts to twig baskets, 65 cool projects for crafty kids to make with natural materials you can find anywhere.  215 pages - paperback -  $19.00 per copy 



On The Farm Sticker Book (EyeLike Stickers) - Over 400 irresistible, reusable and collectible stickers.  Whether on windows, notebooks, lunch boxes, or scrapbooks, these peel-and-place stickers are perfect for creating your own work of art.  Beautiful photographic stickers of things found on the farm. - $10.00 per copy

Seasons Sticker Book (EyeLike Stickers)  - (Same description as “On The Farm”)  Beautiful photographic stickers of things found in nature during all four seasons of the year. - $10.00 per copy

The Barnyard - Read-and-Play Sticker Book Illustrations by Christina Wald and text by Lisa Hiley.  This is a book for younger children with 80 reusable vinyl stickers and four farm scenes (kind of like Colorforms).  It will stimulate imagination and creative play about life on the farm.   8 1/2” x 10 1/2” - $11.00 per copy

Your Chickens - A Kid’s Guide to Raising and Showing by Gail Damerow.  This book is similar to Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens, but is written more on a child’s level of understanding.  It gives much of the same information but in a somewhat simpler format.  This would be a great book for parents to get to help their 4-H kids who are learning about poultry.  It would also be a wonderful book for 4-H leaders to give out as an incentive prize to their 4-H youth.  160 pages - 7” x 10” - $18.00 per copy

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