(291 varieties to choose from)  We continued to work on increasing the inherited collection of beans from Tom Knoche and as you will see have added a few and increased some others to hopefully add next year. We are slowly making a dent in the frozen seed collection.  We will never have all of them in large quantities but will keep working to spread them around.

 Plant as soon as frost is past in rows 3 feet apart with plants 3 inches apart for best yields.   Packet contains 1 oz. unless otherwise indicated.  Snap beans are used for what people typically call green beans and when bean seeds are immature.  A shell bean is used for the bean seed and not for the pod.  There can be green shell beans which you can eat before they are dried.  There are dried shell beans that you eat after the pod has dried and the seed has matured.  Some of the old fashioned beans can work both ways.  You can eat them as a green shell bean (shelling the beans out of the pods while they are still green) or as a dry shell bean (shelling the beans out of the pods after the pods have dried).  These can also be used as a green snap bean while the seeds are still in the immature stage. UPDATED FOR 2020

Bush Snap Beans
Bush Wax Beans
Bush Purple Podded Beans
Bush Shell Beans
Pole Shell Beans
Pole Romano Beans
Pole Wax Beans
Pole Snap Beans
Pole Purple Beans
Runner Beans
Greasy/Cutshort Beans
Fall Beans
Lima Beans
Lima Beans - Bush Type
Soy Beans
Miscellaneous Beans
Fava Beans
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