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Assorted Chickens

ASSORTED  CHICKENS: Chicks $1.35 each. (100  per hatch)  This assortment may be made up from any of the breeds of large fowl chicks listed in our catalog.  You may receive anything from the most common to the rarest, depending upon what is left after specific breed orders have been filled.  An order for 25 chicks will usually include 4 or 5 different breeds.


ASSORTED HEAVY CHICKENS: Chicks $1.75 each. (50 per hatch) No guarantee as to what will be included, but it will be from the following list.  We will try to include at least 3 breeds, never will it be just 1 breed if you order more than 5 assorted heavy chickens.  Ameraucanas, Australorps, Barred Hollands, Buckeyes, Chanteclers,Cuckoo Marans, Delawares, Dominiques, Dorkings, Faverolles,  Giants, Iowa Blue, Javas, New  Hampshires, Orpingtons, Rocks, Rhode Island Reds, Rhode Island Whites, Shamos, Spangled Russian Orloffs, Sussex, Welsummers, or Wyandottes.  Most heavy breed chickens lay brown eggs. 


ASSORTED LIGHT CHICKENS:  Chicks $1.45 each. (50 per hatch)  This will be from the following breeds.  No guarantees, but will not be all of one breed if you order more than 5 assorted light chickens.   Anconas, Blue Andalusians, Buff Catalanas, Buttercups, Campines, Crevecouers, Cubalayas, Egyptian Fayoumis, Hamburgs, Icelandics, Kraienkoppes, La Fleche, Lakenvelders, Leghorns, Jaerhons,  Minorcas, Polish, or Sumatras.  Most light breed chickens lay white eggs.


SUPER ASSORTED CHICKENS: Can be any of the full size breeds we offer. Will usually contain at least 6 breeds in an order of 25, but can contain more than 10 breeds.   Sold in units of 25 or 50.


Chicks 25 for $30.00;  50 for $55.00 

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