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Peanuts should be planted when the soil is warm, after the last frost.  Keep as weed free as possible.    We leave the peanuts in the shell for shipping purposes to prevent damage to the seeds.  Please remove the peanuts from the shell before planting.  UPDATED FOR 2024


Black Peanut 

Black Peanut - 100 days - Normal looking pods until you open the pod and see the deep purple-black sweet nutty kernels.  Carefully husk just before planting.     Pkt  ( 15 peanuts with the husks on) $3.00


Bramling Pink

Bramling Pink- 120 days- Heirloom from Tennessee.  Long pods have up to 4 nice flavored, pink skinned peanuts.  Pkt. ( 15 peanuts with the shells on)  $3.50 LIMIT 1   

shronce Black.jpg

Schronce Black

Schronce Black - 110 days - A little larger than Black.  This variety has a long history.   Later in season.  Pkt. ( 15 peanuts with the shells on)  $3.00 


Texas Red and White

Texas Red and White- 120 days- beautiful red and white seeds.  Pkt. ( 15 peanuts with the shells on) $3.75 

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