Largest of the Mediterraneans.  Long, strong bodies, large combs and wattles which can make winter hardiness a challenge, excellent layers of large, white eggs.  All of ours are single comb with six points.

Buff Minorca

Buff Minorca - We combined 3 commercial strains some years ago and have been selecting for the largest and thriftiest birds.  These are not as large as the blacks.  They do grow fast and dress out beautifully clean.  They are excellent layers of white eggs and are thrifty and great foragers.We have maintained this breed since 2001.  Chicks $4.00 each (15) 

Black Minorca

Black Minorca - Pure black.  They were admitted to the APA Standard in 1888.  They are excellent layers of large, white eggs.  Ours are from a superb show strain noted for heavy production of large eggs.   They would do better in a free-range situation.  These are very large birds (do not confuse them with the common, smaller, commercial types). We have maintained this breed since 2001.  Chicks $5.00 each (15)  

White Minorca

White Minorca - When ALBC did a survey of important breeds in our country’s development, I realized I hadn’t seen one since I was a child.  In those days there were large flocks, but now  their numbers are low but thanks to a few individuals are increasing again.  Ron Nelson, shared some nice birds with us way back in 2000 when their numbers were most likely less than 50 in the entire US.  This breed is another example of where we need to wake up before it is too late.  We have maintained this breed since 2000.  Photo is from Craig Johnson who obtained stock from us and continues to work and improve on them.Chicks $5.00 each (10)

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