Mediterranean Breeds

A large group of breeds that all originated in the Mediterranean region of the world.  They all lay white eggs.  This group of birds is better suited for hot weather climates because of their large combs.  In our colder climate and unheated buildings, these breeds get frost-bitten combs most every Winter.  While the birds usually recover from this, it leaves them less “beautiful looking” and usually means chick supply is limited early in the season while the birds are recovering from the frostbite.


Ancona- Nicely spotted white on black.  We are selecting for a heavy production bird.  White egg layers.  Anconas were developed in a city in Italy from which they take their name.  They have yellow skin and a single comb with five points.  Introduced into the APA Standard in 1898. We have maintained this breed since 2000   Chicks $4.00 each (5)

Black Penedescenca

Black Penedescenca- Black Minorca-like chicken with a unique single comb that has almost a crown at the back side.  They lay a dark brown egg.  Their behavior is very flighty and is similar to a Leghorn.  They have an unusual comb - - - single in the front with multiple lobes at the rear.  Our strain tends to not have the pure white earlobes.  We strive to select for darkest egg first, comb type second.  Our males tend to have bright, white earlobes and the proper combs.  Hens tend to have less white earlobes and not always the best combs.  These have not yet been admitted to the APA Standard. We have maintained this breed since 2005. Chicks $6.00 each (10) 

Blue Andalusian

Blue Andalusian- Large sized beautiful blue color.  Excellent layers of white eggs.  They have a single comb with five points.  Large combs of male make winter hardiness a challenge.  (See Glossary on Poultry Page for “Blue Genetics” explanation)  Admitted to the APA Standard in 1874.  A graceful, hardy breed from Andalusia, Spain.We have maintained this breed since 1999.  Chicks $4.00 each (5)

Buff Catalana

Buff Catalana - Originally from Catalana, Spain.  Now much more common in Latin America, but very rare in the USA.  We are still trying to work with them to refine color and conformation. The birds are deep, rich buff with black tails.  They lay large white to tinted eggs and have a single comb with six points. We have maintained this breed since 2000. Chicks $4.00 each (25)

Partridge Penedescenca

Partridge Penedescenca- Their color is slightly variable with the females being marked similar to a Light Brown Leghorn.  The males are more variable in color but resemble slightly the Light Brown Leghorn male in color.  Leg color varies from slate blue to off white.  They are rather large fowl with an extremely nervous temperament.  They have varying degrees of the typical Penedescenca comb which is a single comb with a crown at the back.  Our primary method of selection is for the darkest egg possible. Chicks $6.00 each (10)SOLD OUT THROUGH JUNE 30,2020

Sicilian Buttercup

Sicilian Buttercup- Originated in Sicily.  Male is orange red with some black spangles.  Hen is buff with parallel rows of black spangles.  They have a unique, buttercup shaped comb, something like moose antlers.  White eggs.  First came to America in 1835.  Not large chickens. We have maintained this breed since 1991. Chicks $4.00 each (10)

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