Black Copper Maran

Black Copper Maran - Basically black with reddish tint on the hens in the neck and breast area.  Males have more red.  Feather legged.  Currently the darkest brown eggs we have.We have maintained this breed since 2010.  Chicks $7.00 each (10) SOLD OUT FOR 2020

Blue Copper Maran

Blue Copper Maran - Beautiful, deep blue color with fiery orange-red neck and hackle feathers in the males.  Females have fewer orange-red feathers.  Lay deep, dark brown egg. We have maintained this breed since 2011. Chicks $7.00 each (10) SOLD OUT FOR 2020

Cuckoo Maran

Cuckoo Maran - Both French (feather-legged) and English (clean-legged) strains are kept together.  Selection is for the darkest color in the eggs.  During their first year of laying they are superb layers, from the second year on they love to become broody and egg production drops off.  Of the dark egg laying breeds, these are the tops for production.  They have a single comb with five or more points. We have maintained this breed since 2004. Chicks $5.00 each (10)   SOLD OUT THROUGH JUNE 2,2020

Wheaten Maran

Wheaten Maran - Typical wheaten color pattern.  These are still showing some variability in the color pattern.  Lay deep, dark brown eggs.We have maintained this breed since 2011.  Chicks $7.00 each (10)SOLD OUT FOR 2020

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