The original breed came from Italy, but most of the color variations were developed in either England, Denmark, or  the United States.  All of ours are single combed with five points.

Black Leghorn

Black Leghorn - Solid black leghorn with excellent egg-laying ability, white eggs.  Occasional off-color feather shows up.  Birds are very thrifty and grow fast.  They forage well.We have maintained this breed since 2000.  Chicks $4.00 each (10) AVAILABLE FROM JUNE 30 THROUGH AUGUST 25

Exchequer Leghorn

Exchequer Leghorn - Beautiful mottled pattern distinctive from Ancona in the large amounts of white.  Rare in this country.  Superb layers of large white eggs.  Maintaining yellow legs is the biggest challenge. We are continuing to try to stabilize the color to the proper spotting so variations do occur.  These have not yet been admitted to the APA Standard. We have maintained this breed since 1995. Chicks $5.00 each (15)

Mille Fleur Leghorn

Mille Fleur Leghorn - Our dear friend, Ron Nelson, shared these with us.  Colored similar to a Mille Fleur D’uccle bantam.  These are rather mild mannered for a Leghorn.  They lay an off-white egg.  These have not yet been admitted to the APA Standard.   There is still some variability with these but they are  colorful and good layers.Please expect some color variations and degrees of the mille fleur color pattern as well as some of the eggs will be tinted. Chicks $5.00 each (10) AVAILABLE FROM JUNE 30 THROUGH AUGUST 25

Red Leghorn

Red Leghorn- the calmest of all leghorns and the colorer of paler Rhode Island Red. They lay a nice white egg and are easier to handle than any of the Leghorns. Chicks $4.00 each (10) UNAVAILABLE FOR THE REST OF 2020.

Single Comb Light Brown Leghorn

Single Comb Light Brown Leghorn-   We maintain the production line so they are not  the top show birds. We select for winter hardiness, egg size and productivity.  We have maintained this breed since 1992.  Chicks $4.00 each (10)

White Leghorn

White Leghorn-  A single comb version that is composite of 2 strains  a superb show strain and a regular commercial line to produce a very active foraging bird of good size and layer of nice sized white eggs.  We are breeding for disease tolerance, thriftiness and foraging ability. We have maintained this breed since 2009. Chicks $3.50 each (25)

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