English Breeds

All members of this APA classification group were developed in Great Britain and have the characteristic white skin and usually white legs with a pinkish streak.  Most of them tend to lay what would be considered a tinted egg (off-white).

Black Australorp

Black Australorp- Faster growing than the Black Orpington but slightly smaller in size.  We are selecting for rapid growth, good size and heavy egg production.  Brown egg layers.  They have a medium large single comb with five points. We have maintained this breed since 2000. Chicks $4.00 each (20)

Cuckoo Scots Dumpy

Cuckoo Scots Dumpy - We are most concerned that more flocks of this breed get established. They are a unique, stocky bird.  The short legged gene is lethal so some birds will have longer legs.  They are a typical cuckoo pattern, docile and easy to handle.  They lay a nice sized, tinted egg.  While we will continue to maintain this breed, we are not sure when we will be offering them for sale again. The  lack of genetic diversity has bottlenecked and  we produce very few chicks.We have maintained this breed since 2010.  UNAVAILABLE FOR 2020 REBUILDING OUR NUMBERS. 


Redcaps- Unique old British breed, spangled red/brown black color. We are selecting for large size - something that is lost in most commercial strains.  Egg color is tinted creamy white.  They have a unique, rose comb covered with large, round points.This is a very old breed in a lot of trouble from the narrowing of the genetic supply. It is hard to find  great looking birds  like I once had and raised in Idaho in the early 1980's. Many have tried to boost the vigor and we have attempted to incorporate many of the approaches into our stock. There will be variability in the chicks  we offer but  we are hopeful each person will tackle the project and  work  to reestablish this breed to its once great qualities.  We have maintained this breed since 2000.  UNAVAILABLE FOR 2020

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