Crested fowl are mentioned in historical writings from the 1500’s.  The following lay medium to large sized white eggs.  They all have a v-shaped comb. 

Black Polish

Black Polish-  A selection that is pure black with no beard.  They are larger than the White Crested Blacks and lay a white egg.  These have not yet been admitted to the APA Standard.  We have maintained this breed since 2000.  UNAVAILABLE FOR 2020 REBUILDING OUR NUMBERS.

Black Crested Blue Polish

Black Crested Blue Polish - A selection that is solid blue with a darker blue/black crest.  Many of the crests will be a deeper shade of blue, but not necessarily black.  This breed is not currently in the APA Standard.  (See Glossary on Poultry Page for “Blue Genetics” explanation) We have maintained this breed since 2005 . Chicks $3.50 each (5)

Buff Laced Polish

Buff Laced Polish- Bearded, crested, soft buff color, huge crests, white eggs.We have maintained this breed since 1991 Chicks  $3.00 each (5) SOLD OUT FOR 2020


Crevecoeurs- Solid black in color, crested, with a beard, lays white eggs.  Very old French breed. We have maintained this breed since 1996 .UNAVAILABLE FOR 2020 REBUILDING OUR NUMBERS.

Golden Polish

Golden Polish- Bearded, white eggs, golden laced pattern, orange and black. We have maintained this breed since 1991 Chicks $4.00 each (5)

Silver Polish

Silver Polish- Silver laced pattern, bearded, striking color pattern, white eggs. We have maintained this breed since 1991Chicks $3.50 each (5) SOLD OUT FOR 2020

White Crested Black Polish

Thrifty  and colorful with dark black bodies and nice white crests. Good sumer layers and hens make great pets for children.  Chicks $3.00 (10)

White Crested Blue Polish

White Crested Blue Polish - A soft, blue color with a white crest, lays white eggs.  Chicks will come out in the typical blue genetics pattern. (See Glossary on the Poultry Page  for “Blue Genetics” explanation) We have maintained this breed since 2000 . Chicks $4.00 each (10)

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