Lima Beans - Bush Type

(9 varieties to chose from) Updated for 2020

Burpee Improved

Burpee Improved - 83 days - Very large seeded white lima. Not a lot of seeds per pod ,but they are large  1 oz. Pkt. $1.50

Cliff Dweller

Cliff Dweller- 65 days- this was a very early producer and heavy yielder as we had very few plants  from the 30 plus year old seed.  It continues to do well despite all kinds of adversity.  Unavailable for 2020


Cowey-85 days- A productive variety with dark red seeds, seeds tend to be on the smallish size UNAVAILABLE FOR 2020

Dixie White Butterpea

Dixie White Butterpea - 75 days - Small white round shaped limas.  Prolific producer of many pods on large bushes. 1 oz. Pkt. $1.50

Eastland Lima

Eastland Lima - 70 days - Vigorous plants, excellent, medium green baby limas.  Plants do well to produce fresh green limas and since these are green seeded they are that much more colorful when cooked.  1 oz. Pkt. $1.50; 2 Pkts./$2.75

Forget-Me Not

Forget-Me Not - 85 days- Another one from Tom’s freezer storage. Seeds are violet - brown with streaks  UNAVAILABLE FOR 2020

Henderson Lima

Henderson Lima- 75 days- A nice heavy yielding lima for us here.  We prefer them in the green shell stage.  Three inch pods contain 3 to 4 small seeds.  1 oz. Pkt.$1.50; 4 Pkts./$5.00

Phebe Vinson

Phebe Vinson- 80 days-  Colorful beans ranging from rose pinks to deep plum all with varying amounts of calico patterns. First listed in Seed Savers Exchange in 1987. An heirloom from Nebraska. UNAVAILABLE FOR 2020


Thorogreen - 65 days - An excellent type for freezing, stays a light green when cooked.  1 oz. Pkt. $1.50

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