ASSORTED RUNNER DUCKLINGS: Ducklings $6.00 each  (15) This assortment can be from any of the Runner-type ducks we offer.

Black Runner

Black Runner - Pure black, erect standing.  Very active and thrifty foragers. We have maintained this breed since 2002. Ducklings $7.00 each (5)SOLD OUT AS OF FEBRUARY 17,2020

Blue Runner

Blue Runner - Deep blue, good runner type. Remember as with all blue fowl some will come out silver ( splash) and some  will be a black color. We have maintained this breed since 2002. (AVAILABLE IN ASSORTMENTS ONLY.)

Chocolate Runner

Chocolate Runner- Deep dark chocolate in color, active and colorful. We have maintained this breed since 2008.  ( AVAILABLE IN ASSORTMENTS ONLY.)

Fawn and White Runner

Fawn and White Runner - Fawn cap and cheek patches, patches of white alternating with patches of fawn and a distinct white belly. Continuous selection must be made for the proper body length. They are active and anxious  and always ready to move. We have maintained this breed since 2002 Ducklings $7.00 each (5)

Grey Runner (Mallard Runner)

Grey Runner (Mallard Runner) - Typical mallard duck color pattern with a runner body.  Males have an emerald green head, white neck ring that does not close at reddish brown breast and a steel grey underbody. We do see variations in the females from light versions to darker versions. We have maintained this breed since 1996.  Ducklings $7.00 (5)

Khaki Runner

Khaki Runner- Good runner type, khaki color pattern, ducks look  like a Khaki Campbell that has been stretched out. They are active and somewhat nervous in temperament. We have maintained this breed since 2000. Ducklings $7 each (5)

White Runner

White Runner - Pure white in color, orange bill and feet.We have maintained this breed since 2005.  (AVAILABLE IN ASSORTMENTS ONLY.)

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