Hot Peppers

Aci Sivri

Aci Sivri- 80 days- Turkish Heirloom - Tall plants produce 7 to 10 inch long, thin green (turning red) peppers.  Variable heat.  Pkt. $3.00 Certified Organic Seed UNAVAILABLE FOR 2020

Aji Colorado

Aji Colorado - 83 days - Very productive, bushy plants that produce many green, turning scarlet red, 3 to 4 inch pointed peppers of medium heat.  A common pepper in Peruvian cooking.  Pkt. $2.25  Certified Organic Seed

Aji Amarillo

Aji Amarillo - 85 days - Very productive plants with 3 to 4 inch bright lemon yellow, pointed peppers of medium heat.  Distinctive flavor pepper that is very common in Peru. I noticed as the fruits are mature the end of the pepper has an almost citrus taste until you hit the seeds and then wow the heat kicks in. UNAVAILABLE FOR 2020

Anaheim Mild

Anaheim Mild- 80 days- large tall plants with  large  mild  peppers that have just enough zip to make them very flavorful. Remove the seeds and they are superb for Chile Rellenos.  Pkt. $1.50 Certified Organic Seed


Ancho- 92 days- Deep green, semi-bell shaped, mildly hot.  Pkt. $1.75  Certified Organic Seed

Andes Rainbow

Andes Rainbow-  80 days. I was always impressed with the color and beauty of Bolivian Rainbow, but the peppers are so small it was  a pain to pick them. This is a cross to increase the size to about 8 times larger or about  the size of a small chicken egg. All of the colors and beauty are still there just  a larger fruit. Pkt. $2.00 Certified Organic Seed.

Bhut Jolokia

Bhut Jolokia - 85 days - Named hottest pepper.  Orange red peppers get 2 1/2 inches long.  Use extreme care in usage.  Pkt. $2.00 Certified Organic Seed

Bolivian Rainbow

Bolivian Rainbow - 85 days - Gorgeous plants with purple turning to yellow to orange to red fruits that look like miniature teardrops, very prolific.  Pkt. $2.00  Certified Organic Seed

Bulgarian Carrot

Bulgarian Carrot- 65 days- Bright orange, thin walled, clusters of orange colored carrot shaped fruits, hot.  Pkt. $2.00  Certified Organic Seed

Bulgarian Spice

Bulgarian Spice-  80 days - Short, stocky red peppers of moderate heat.  Plants are heavy producers.  Pkt. $2.50  Certified Organic Seed

Bulgarian Top

Bulgarian Top- 75 days- Variable in shape, but predominately red top shape, mildly hot.  Pkt. $2.00  Certified Organic Seed

Bulgarian Wax

Bulgarian Wax- 75 days- Yellow to orange (then red), very large banana shaped pepper, medium hot.  Pkt. $2.00  Certified Organic Seed

Carlo Putini

Carlo Putini - 80 days - Italian heirloom, thick walled, blocky, cayenne, turns green to red, very high yields.  Thanks to the Chico's everyone gets a free packet this year  We are sorry we have depleted our seed supply for 2019. WE LOST THE ENTIRE CROP TO RABBITS IN 2019. We will return  in 2021  with  free packets again.

Cayenne Large Red Thick

Cayenne Large Red Thick- 75 days- Very productive, ornamental and functional.  4 to 5 inches long, thin pepper that ripens red.  Pkt. $2.00  Certified Organic Seed  

Chapeau de Frade

Chapeau de Frade- 100 days- Late, but beautiful.  True bell-shaped (not like a bell pepper) hot pepper.   Plants can get 6 to 7 feet tall and are loaded with red bell shaped peppers.  Pkt. $2.50 

Chili Rayado

Chili Rayado- 85 days- Hot chili type with sort of a Jalapeno shape.  Sent to us from Mexico. Fruits  can get  rough netting on them as they age. Pkt. $2.50 Certified Organic Seed

Christmas Variegated

Christmas Variegated - 90 days - An ornamental, yet very hot pepper.  Compact plants are loaded with the 2 inch, thin spicy hot, green turning red fruits, many hundred peppers per plant.  Please use care when harvesting these as they are very hot.  Pkt. $3.00  Certified Organic Seed

Czech Black

Czech Black - 90 days - Little wider than a Jalapeno, otherwise about the same size.  2 to 3 foot tall plants, fruit is deep purple and ripens to a garnet red.  Pkt. $2.50  Certified Organic Seed


Doug’s- 100 days- Rather late, heavy yields of green peppers turning red as they ripen, 3 to 4 inches long, EXTREMELY  HOT,  rather  provocative unusual shape.  We  had a huge crop in 2017. Pkt. $3.00   Certified Organic Seed

Golden Cayenne

Golden Cayenne- 65 days-  Extremely high yields of bright yellow, 4 to 6 inch, thin peppers.  Very hot and decorative.  Pkt. $2.00  Certified Organic Seed


Habanero- 105 days- Very late and very HOT.  Beautiful little crumpled looking fruits turning from green to yellow to orange.  Pkt. $1.75

Hungarian Hot Wax

Hungarian Hot Wax- 70 days- Super heavy yields of banana yellow peppers, turning red at maturity.  Moderately hot.  Pkt. $1.75  Certified Organic Seed


Jalapeno- 85 days-  Fairly tall plants produce an abundance of dark green hot peppers.  Pkt. $1.50  Certified Organic Seed

Lemon Drop

Lemon Drop-  90 days- Very late and very productive. Similar to Aji Amarillo only much hotter. Pkt. $3.00 Certified Organic Seed

Mexican Chili Bell

Mexican Chili Bell- 80 days- Bell to semi-bell miniature hot peppers. Look basically like Red, Chocolate, and Yellow Miniature only deep green ripening to  a deeper red with a very hot taste. Pkt. $2.50 Certified Organic Seed

Orange Thai

Orange Thai-  90 days- similar to Thai Hot ,but fruits are longer, tend to be more downward pointing  and less plentiful and a nice shade of orange.  Pkt. $3.00 Certified Organic Seed.

Punjab Lal

Punjab Lal- 85 days- A tiny, pointed, red hot pepper from Taiwan.  EXTREMELY HOT and very productive.  Pkt. $2.25  Certified Organic Seed


Purple-  90 days- a very ornamental pepper that has purplish plants and colorful flowers with large acorn sized deep purple peppers with  lots of heat.  Pkt. $3.00  Certified Organic Seed 

Purple Cayenne

Purple Cayenne- 80 days- Somewhat variable in shape.  Peppers start out a beautiful purple and eventually turn red.  UNAVAILABLE FOR 2020

Tennessee Spice

Tennessee Spice- 82 days- Very similar to a tobasco in shape and size.  About the length of a little finger.  Very pointed and red in color.  Very hot.  Pkt. $2.50  Certified Organic Seed

Thai Hot

Thai Hot- 90 days- Unbearable hot, plants get bushel basket size and are loaded with many small less than 1 inch sized slim peppers that start green and turn red. Takes a long season to get red. Pkt. $2.50 Certified Organic Seed 

Trinidad Scorpion Moruga

Trinidad Scorpion Moruga - 85 days - Super hot, scorpion type chili, sets the record for heat.  Be very careful when handling these UNAVAILABLE FOR 2020


Volcano- 70 days-  Larger version of Hungarian Hot Wax, greenish yellow turning red.  Pkt. $2.00  Certified Organic Seed

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