Continental Breeds

A group of breeds classified together based upon their European origins.

Golden Campine

Golden Campine- Deep rich golden neck feathers.  Striking appearance, originating in Belgium.  They have a single comb with five points.  White eggs, vigorous foragers.  These were admitted to the APA Standard in 1914. When we have the young in the range pens foraging in the orchard they love to roost in the fruit trees and unfortunately we always loose a good chunk of the replacements to the owls when the young ones refuse to come to a safe building at night. We have maintained this breed since 1992. Chicks $5.00 each (10)   UNAVAILABLE FOR 2020 

Golden Lakenvelder

Golden Lakenvelder - Same as Lakenvelder except a rich gold replaces the white feathers, white eggs.  They are truly beautiful and have a single comb with five points.  This breed has not yet been admitted to the APA Standard.We have maintained this breed since 2001. UNAVAILABLE FOR 2020 REBUILDING OUR NUMBERS.

Golden Penciled Hamburg

Golden Penciled Hamburg - A small sized, very old Dutch breed which was admitted to the APA Standard in 1874.  Males and females are golden penciled and attractive. They are a small   but active and though their egg is not large their feed conversion is great. We have maintained this breed since 2000.  Chicks $5.00 each (10)

Golden Spangled Hamburg

Golden Spangled Hamburg- Small sized and very active , chicks are the most colorful of any we carry. yet another one of the white egg laying breeds in serious danger of  depletion. We have maintained this breed since 1995. Chicks $5.00 (10)

La Fleche

La Fleche - A rare old French breed with a unique v-shaped comb that looks much like 2 points going straight up (like two horns).  Birds are pure black and lay a white egg.  The head is such a unique shape the chicks can easily be picked out.  They are a unique and fascinating breed but unfortunately the gene pool in the US is very limited and they are in dire need of new genetic inflow.  We have maintained this breed since 1999 .UNAVAILABLE FOR 2020 REBUILDING OUR NUMBERS


Lakenvelder- A white chicken with black neck, tail and wing feathers.  They are medium sized, lay a white egg and are excellent foragers.  They have a single comb with five points.  These are an established German breed from at least 1860. I never recommend this attractive breed for 4H kids to exhibit as they are somewhat flighty and a challenge to show but it can be done with the right individual spending the right amount of time. We have maintained this breed since 1997. Chicks $5.00 each (5)

Partridge Barnevelder

Partridge Barnevelder - A color variant found at one time in Europe.  I obtained these with some regular Barnevelders who claimed  he got them from Europe via Canada.  They are fairly docile and lay a medium brown egg.  Some are darker than others.  Color pattern is similar to a Partridge Rock, but many females lack pattern in chest area.  Hens are productive layers. We have maintained this breed since 2003.Chicks $5.00 (10)

Salmon Faverolle

Salmon Faverolle - Originated from crosses of Houdans, Dorkings and Asiatics in Faverolle, France.  They lay tinted colored eggs.  Calm, elegant birds with a medium size single comb.  Males are greenish black with silver white neck and hackle feathers.  Hens are a soft creamy tan.  Both have muffs, five toes and feathered legs.We have maintained this breed since 2002.  Chicks $5.00 each (15) 


Silver Penciled Hamburg

Silver Penciled Hamburg - Very old Dutch breed that was admitted to the APA Standard in 1874.  Males are a silver-gray with slight barring.  Females are neatly penciled.  They have a rose comb covered with small points.  When we first got these we knew of only 2 remaining breeders in the US. Both lines were very inbred and not very thrifty.  We have worked with the combination of these lines for some years and have flushed out some genes and are continuing to  select for the best type bird with vigor.We have maintained this breed since 2002. Chicks $5.00 each (5) 


Welsummer - Named after the village of Welsum in Holland.  Most famous for the deep, dark brown eggs.  Medium sized bird with yellow skin and a single comb with five points.  Color pattern of chicks and adults is similar to Brown Leghorns. We have maintained this breed since 1993.  Chicks $5.00 each (15) 


Welbars- A sex linked  dark egg laying breed.  We have maintained this breed since 2018. Chicks $6.00 (10)

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