The first Canadian breed originating in Quebec in 1918.  They are a dual purpose fowl - yellow skin, brown eggs, unique cushion shaped comb that makes them easily adapted to cold climates.  These are very popular and book up fast. Chanteclers have always been one of my favorite breeds. They are a relaxed breed,not flighty, just relaxed and easy to deal with. Not the fastest growing birds in the  world but consistent growers and layers. There is a lot of  misinformation perpetuated on the internet about them being great winter layers. What they are is very winter hardy  but they will only lay in the winter with supplemental light.


Buff Chantecler

Buff Chantecler- A buff colored version of Chantecler.  Very attractive stocky built birds.  They lay a very pale brown egg.  These have not yet been admitted to the APA Standard. They tend to lay the best in Spring  and Summer. We have maintained this breed since 1997.  Chicks $6.00 each (10) UNAVAILABLE FOR THE REST OF 2020

Partridge Chantecler

Partridge Chantecler- Still working on improvement of comb type.  Body type is good.  Colorful breed where the hens are an off-shade of brown with penciling.  Males are somewhat tri-toned with red, brown and black. They tend to lay best in the Fall and Winter and once it gets warm production  decreases. When we obtained this  breed there were no other documented breeders left and they were headed straight for extinction. We have maintained this breed since 1998. Chicks $6.00 each (10)SOLD OUT FOR 2020

Red Chantecler

Red Chantecler - A newer creation of this breed.  Shades of reddish orange.  Good layers and colorful.  These have not yet been admitted to the APA Standard.We have maintained this breed since 2009.  Chicks $6.00 each (5)SOLD OUT FOR 2020

White Chantecler

White Chantecler- They have a large structure and are a calm breed with a very tight to the head comb and virtually no wattles.  They lay a very pale brown egg. We started looking for this breed in the late 1980's and found none for sale anywhere and were  finally able to  locate a few  in 1995. We have maintained this breed since 1996.  UNAVAILABLE FOR 2020

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