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We plant here around August 1 (as early as July 20 or as late as August 15) to harvest in late September through hard frost (20 deg. F).  (Approximately 900 seeds/pkt.) Remember to  not plant these in the spring  without expecting some rapid bolting to seed and a low yield. The late summer planting is the best time for best results. Chinese cabbage is one of my favorite greens. I can keep up with a rabbit when it comes to eating it fresh from the garden in the cool days of autumn. We found a source for some great new additions and couldn't resist adding them UPDATED FOR 2024


Bekah Santoh

Bekah Santoh- 40 days- a super tasty early loose headed chinese cabbage. Plant to mature as days get cooler for a mild  taste treat.  (200-300 seeds )Pkt. $2.50

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Chinese Pac Choi

Chinese Pac Choi- 50 days- A nice, bok choy type with white juicy ribs.  Can be planted early, but does best when planted in early August.  Pkt. $1.50

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Extra Dwarf Pak Choi

Extra Dwarf Pak Choi-  40 days- a super small dwarf version that matures fast.(200-300 seeds )  Pkt. $2.00

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Hiroshimana- 50 days- a very tender pak choi type  with thick succulent white ribs. Avoid planting in summer heat. Does best here planted early August to mature from late September on. (200-300 seeds ) Pkt. $2.50

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Kogane- 75 days- a beautiful loose fluffy head with golden yellow center leaves. Does not get solid but stays loose and fluffy. Plant for fall harvest. (200-300 seeds )  Pkt. $2.50



Matsushima - 80 days- a very nice large blocky type. Does very well from a mid July planting.  In 2020 it was planted in the school garden on July 31, with no rain it did not come up for almost a month. It still produced some outstanding tasty heads in mid October and up until early December. (200-300 seeds ) Pkt. $2.75

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Michihli- 60 days- Tall, loose type heads sometimes up to 2 feet tall.  Superb taste. Remember the heads on this one are not super compact like the types you find in the stores, but it is a reliable cropper of looser heads and makes excellent fall salads.  Pkt. $1.50


Scarlet Tatsoi

Scarlet Tatsoi- 50 days- beautiful scarlet  red , tasty and stays  colorful when cooked.  (200-300 seeds ) Pkt. $2.00



Tatsoi- 50 days- Gorgeous plants (aka spoon cabbage).  Dark green, spoon shaped leaves.  Superb flavor for soups and very nutritious.  Best when direct seeded in garden around August 1. It should be noted the photo was taken December 7 after several cold nights and temperatures as low as 10˚F.  Pkt. $1.50

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Wong Bok

Wong Bok- 80 days- Needs a little more time to mature so start this earlier than Michihli or set out as transplants.  Shorter, more oval heads than Michihli.  In proper conditions and soils heads can reach 10 pounds. UNAVAILABLE FOR 2024

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