Asiatic Breeds

Asiatic is an APA classification which includes most of the feather-footed breeds of poultry.  Most of these breeds originated on the continent of Asia.  On all Asiatics we select for the largest size that is still naturally mating.  All lay pale brown eggs and have a medium sized single comb with five points. These were a first choice  feeding option on both the mink and raccoons and our breed selection here is nearly gone.

Blue Langshan

Blue Langshan- Blue colored  tall statured birds.   (See Glossary on Poultry Page for “Blue Genetics” explanation)  Eggs tend to run to the darker side of brown with some eggs being various shades of brown. We have maintained this breed since 2009. Chicks $5.00 each (5)  AVAILABLE FROM JULY 14 THROUGH AUGUST 25

Light Brahmas

Light Brahmas-  Large stocky birds with  the columbian pattern of  black neck and tail feathers. Chicks $4.00 each (15) 

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