American Breeds

This is an APA group based upon the principle that they were all developed and perfected here in North America.  As a general rule these birds all have yellow skin and legs.  The breeds in this class are listed in the APA Standard unless otherwise noted.

Barred Holland

Barred Holland-  A barred medium sized breed, not as big as Barred Rocks, good layers of a white or tinted egg.  They have a single comb with six well-defined points.  These were developed in 1934 from White Leghorns, Barred Rocks, Australorps and Brown Leghorns. They lay well year around. We have had these  lay well in cold spells in the winter and hot spells in the summer.  This is one of the early breeds we gathered up as breeds were rapidly disappearing and have maintained for sometime.  For many years no one saw the value they had then the world woke up and thankfully we had maintained them for sometime and they were still around to be appreciated. When we first got these there were no other known breeding flocks other than  the one we obtained. They should lay a white egg but do expect a few tinted eggs. The genetics in their background has never produced a pure white  egg. Occasionally we have 50 or more per hatch, inquire if you are seriously interested. We have maintained this breed since 1995. Chicks $5.00 each (25) 

Black Java

Black Java- Medium sized black fowl, excellent  layers of pale brown eggs. Vigorous and thrifty. These came from show stock but appear on the smaller side of standards.  Good foragers. We have maintained this breed since 2016.  Chicks $5.00 (20)


Buckeye- Large sized, dark rich red color, small to medium sized pea comb, gentle temperament.  Lay a nice brown egg.  These originated in Ohio in the early 1900’s. Buckeyes had their fame and fortune early on in their creation and then steadily declined and when we first obtained them in 1990 there were just a hand full of flocks  in breeders  hands. In our first few years of offering  them the demand for  them was near zero and they appeared to be on the path way  to slide to extinction. Suddenly a few articles and they started to  rebound and are now offered  from a  number of hatcheries.    Chicks $5.00 each (10)  AVAILABLE FROM JUNE 30 THROUGH AUGUST 25


Delaware-  They are a fast grower, lay huge brown eggs, have moderately large single comb with five well-defined points, white with gray/black cuckoo neck, tail and wing feathers.  These were developed in 1940 from off-colored sports between Barred Rock male and New Hampshire female.  They are an excellent choice for free-range broilers.  Over the years, I’ve attempted to select for large-sized eggs.  There appears to be a number of “Delawares” available from other sources that do not anywhere match the traits that we have found to be true for this breed.  A “true” Delaware should not be a light weight, flighty bird.  We are trying to select for the fastest growing and most productive hens, but with reasonable egg size.  This is another breed that had near zero interest in the "Dark Age" of poultry. I frequently refer to the 1980's and early 1990's as the Dark Age  when there was near zero  interest  in true breeding poultry as the public had been bitten with the fast growing white broiler and sex-link layer craze. We have maintained this breed since 1990. Chicks $5.00 each (20) These always sell out fast make sure you check the availability online prior to ordering and the mink limited our flock some. AVAILABLE FROM JULY 14 THROUGH AUGUST 25


Dominique - “America’s Chicken”, barred pattern, small to medium rose comb.  They do well on foraging and are pretty good about being a free ranger that comes home at night to roost. Very early American breed.  They are brown egg layers.  They are a medium sized breed. We have maintained this breed since 1992.  Chicks $5.00 each (10)



Erminettes -  A very old American breed that nearly slipped to extinction but was rescued by the late Ron Nelson of Wisconsin.  We obtained  some of Ron's flock when he passed on and sent out to a number of individuals. The hard work of several people  has them back to good status and with the yellow legs they should have. They lay a brown egg are nice sized and  are a beautiful white color with black specks.   We have maintained this breed since 2013. Chicks $5.00 each (15) AVAILABLE FROM JULY 14 THROUGH AUGUST 25

Golden Erminettes

Golden Erminettes- Ron was working on a golden version of the Erminette and when I saw Ron's flock in 2010  with my passion for buff colored poultry I wanted to bring them all home, but Ron being a perfectionist felt they were not  yet ready to  distribute.  When Ron's neighbor Josh got the flocks after Ron passed on  we were able to salvage a few Golden version birds and are still working with them. There are some unique genes here where a lot of off types can be seen.  Lots of work to do here but for those who want a project these can get you a start. We have maintained this breed since 2013.  UNAVAILABLE FOR 2020

Mottled Java

Mottled Java - One of the older breeds of poultry admitted to the Standard in 1883. Brown eggs, rather small single combs.  The breed is an excellent forager, but grows very slowly.  Only order this breed if you have the patience to watch them develop.  Color pattern is black with white spotting.  We have maintained this breed since 1998. UNAVAILABLE FOR 2020 REBUILDING OUR NUMBERS.

Iowa Blue

Iowa Blue- Gray penciled pattern, pale brown eggs, medium to moderately large single comb with six points.  Please note that these are not a blue chicken.  Developed near Decorah, Iowa in the early 1900’s.  The breed was in desperate need of new blood and I have worked for a few years to introduce new blood. There is still a slight possibility of an off-type bird.  Chick color will range from a warm cocoa brown to black to an occasional mottled one.  This breed is a somewhat seasonal layer of pale brown eggs.  They go in spurts.  When not broody, we get lots of chicks and then all of a sudden they go broody and we get nothing.  These are not recognized by the APA. They do not have yellow legs. They make a nice breed for someone who wants a good forager which will set on eggs. We have maintained this breed since 1990.  Chicks $5.00 each (20)   AVAILABLE FROM JUNE 16 THROUGH AUGUST 25

New Hampshire

New Hampshire- A nice sized pale red orange bird which is a good dual purpose fowl and lays a nice big brown egg.  They have a medium sized single comb with five points.  We have selected for production first, show type second. We have maintained this breed since 1997.  Chicks $4.00 each (10) AVAILABLE FROM JUNE 16 THROUGH AUGUST 25

Partridge Rock

Partridge Rock - Colorful breed where the hens are an off-shade of brown with penciling.  Males are somewhat tri-toned with red, brown and black.  Birds are vigorous and thrifty and lay a brown egg.  They have a medium sized single comb with five points. We have maintained this breed since 2007.  UNAVAILABLE  FOR 2020 REBUILDING OUR NUMBERS.RACCOONS!!!

Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island Red- Deep red in color with rich yellow legs.  They lay a brown egg and have a single comb.  These are not the commercial variety called “Production Reds” but are the “true” Rhode Island Reds. We continue to work on breeding for productivity, vigor and ability  to forage. We have maintained this breed since 2004.    Chicks $4.00 each (25

Rose Comb Rhode Island Red

Rose Comb Rhode Island Red - Deep red in color with rich yellow legs.  They lay a brown egg.  They have a nice, true rose comb.  Admitted to the APA Standard in 1905. We have maintained this breed since 2006.  UNAVAILABLE FOR 2020. OPOSSUMS!! A WHOLE FAMILY  

White Rock

White Rock-  On a  visit in 2016  to central Iowa  to our friend Larry Hall’s I noticed his two flocks of White Rocks. Both  were very impressive with  both the size of the bird and the size of the egg.  I see many White Rocks at the fairs I judge and none ever seem to have a decent size. These birds were massive and yet thrifty looking and seemed to have lots of vigor. Larry shared some eggs and we now have flock and we are pleased to offer this nice sized version that appears productive and thrifty as well. We have maintained this breed since 2016. Chicks  $5.00 each  (10)UNAVAILABLE FOR THE REST OF 2020

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