Ameraucanas are sometimes called the “Easter Egg Chicken” because they lay green, blue or olive eggs as well as brown.  Many places list “Araucanas” but they are really “Ameraucanas”.  Araucanas are rumpless and have ear tufts (tufts of feathers that grow from the ear).  Ameraucanas, however, have a tail and a beard or muff (which is a group of feathers located under the chin).  Our mixed color Ameraucanas are not of APA Standard quality.  They lay an assortment of colors of eggs though only eggs of “greenish” shades are incubated.  Our Black Ameraucanas and Blue Ameraucanas are both selected for the APA Standard.  While the APA Standard calls for a blue egg, I’ve yet to ever see in anyone’s Ameraucana flock what I would call a “blue” egg.  Most I’ve seen are shades of “greenish blue”.  This is why we list ours as laying a greenish blue egg.  Ameraucanas have a pea comb.

Ameraucana (“Easter Eggers”)

Ameraucana (“Easter Eggers”)- A mixture of types and colors.  These are not exhibition stock, but are very good sized and make a hardy dual purpose fowl.  While we select for all breeders to have beards (muff of feathers under the chin), occasionally, some chicks will not.  Egg color will vary between pale green, olive green, occasionally brown, or olive green with brown spots. We have maintained this breed since 1995.  Chicks $3.25 each (10) SOLD OUT THROUGH THE END OF 2020.

Black Ameraucana

Black Ameraucana- We were fortunate to obtain two different blood lines from show quality stock.  These are pure black birds with beards and they lay greenish blue eggs.  Mild mannered and easy to handle they do lay  nice shaped and sized eggs. We have maintained this breed since 1997.  Chicks $5.50 each (10) SOLD OUT THROUGH THE END  OF 2020

Blue Ameraucana

Blue Ameraucana - Typical blue genetics.  (See Poultry Glossary on Poultry Page for explanation.)  Bearded layers of blue green eggs. We have maintained this breed since 2010. UNAVAILABLE IN 2020

Lavender Ameraucana

Lavender Ameraucana- We were excited to obtain these from Dennis Heltzel  and of all of the Ameraucanas we have raised the egg comes the closest  to a blue shade  as we have seen. Birds are a soft lavender color and calm and relaxed in nature.  This strain carries the silkie gene so some can come out like Silkies in feather type. We have maintained this breed since 2017.  UNAVAILABLE IN 2020

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