Updated on January 16, 2017


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2017 GIFTS

CHILDREN'S COLLECTION:  7 Pkts. for $7.00

This collection will contain 1 packet each (our choice) of varieties of Zinnia, Watermelon, Popcorn, Cucumber, Pumpkin, Radish and Lettuce.


This collection will be our choice of varieties to include a red, pink, yellow, green, white, black tomatoes, and cherry tomato.


This collection will contain 2 packets (our choice) from the following list of corns: Cheyenne Agency Striped, Arikara White, Great Plains Rainbow, or South Dakota Rainbow plus 1 packet each of Arikara Yellow Bean, Hidatsa Indian Red Bean, amd Omaha Pumpkin.


This collection will contain 1 packet each of Georgia Green Collards, a Cowpea, Black Valentine Bean, Pink Tip Cornfield Bean, Tennessee Red Cob Corn, Black Mexican Corn, Granny Franklin Okra, North Carolina Heirloom Pickling Cucumber, Turkey Muskmelon, Scaley Bark Watermelon, Tennessee Sweet Potato Squash, Old Timey Cornfield Pumpkin.


This collection is for the person who wants to grow vegetables in containers and will contain 1 packet each of Tom Thumb Pea, Tom Thumb Lettuce, either Yellow Pygmy or Olive Loose Cluster Tomato(or another small plant type) , Bush Pickle Cucumber, and Little Dickens Pepper


This collection will contain 1 packet each of Late Flat Dutch Cabbage, May Queen Lettuce, Crosby Egyptian Beet, Purple Top Globe Turnip, Autumn King Carrot, Round Black Spanish Radish, Alaska Peas, Black Mexican Corn, (a Cutshort bean), Early Green Cluster Cucumber, (a Muskmelon), (a Citron melon), Garden Huckleberry, Ground Cherry, Warted Green Hubbard Squash, Sugar Pie Pumpkin, Hollyhock, Mammoth Dill, Purple Top Rutabaga, and Cannonball Watermelon.

2015 Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate:  We have gift certificates available to send to a friend or relative who would enjoy ordering from our catalog. We will make out a nice gift certificate that may be redeemed for anything we sell in our catalog. We will send it directly to the person you indicate along with one of our current catalogs. If you would like the gift certificate and catalog mailed to you so that you may present it to the giftee, please indicate that. You may decide what dollar denomination the gift certificate will be. We will not make out a gift certificate for a certain number of seeds - - - only for a dollar amount. Please include your name and address, the giftee's name and address, the amount of the gift certificate, plus $2.00 shipping and handling for each gift certificate you are requesting. The person who receives the gift certificate can place their order by making out the order form and by sending the original gift certificate back with the order. If they order more than the amount of the gift certificate, they will need to include the difference with their order. If they order less than the amount of the gift certificate, we will send them a credit for the unused amount.


We cannot send these to non-US addresses. We are very sorry, but the postage costs have caused too much of a price increase. Instructions for planting will be sent with the order.

Brooder Yard Greens - Spring Pack:  8 oz. $6.00 (postpaid); 1 lb. $8.75 (postpaid); 3 lbs. $20.00 (postpaid); 5 lbs. $25.00 (postpaid); 10 lbs. $35.00 (postpaid). A mixture of Essex Rape, Millet, and Mustard. Sow in brooder runs when you get chicks and 4 to 6 weeks later the young birds have a forest of greens to pick. I till up the soil and then broadcast the seed, rake in lightly, water and wait.

Brooder Yard Greens - Fall Pack  8 oz. $6.25 (postpaid); 1 lb. $9.00 (postpaid); 3 lbs. $22.00 (postpaid); 5 lbs $27.50 (postpaid); 10 lbs $37.50 (postpaid) A mixture of Essex Rape, Millet, Mustard, Turnips, and Winter Radishes. Plant this in the poultry yards about late July or early August. Turn the birds in 6 weeks later. .

Dwarf Essex Rape:  8 oz. $7.50 (postpaid); 1 lb. $10.00 (postpaid); 3 lbs $24.00 (postpaid). A great crop to plant for cutting for greens. Plants are hardy to at least 10 deg. F.

Purple Top Turnips:  1 lb $11.00 (postpaid); 3 lb $25.00 (postpaid) We use these for soil building and livestock grazing.

Appin Forage Turnips:  1 lb $13.00 (postpaid); 3 lb $31.00 (postpaid). Faster growing, much more foliage.

Barkant Forage Turnips:  1 lb $13.00 (postpaid); 3 lb $31.00 (postpaid). Tankard shaped bulb, lots of leaf growth for feed and plowdown.

Proso Millet:  1 lb $6.00 (postpaid); 5 lbs $15.00 (postpaid); 10 lbs $17.50 (postpaid). Stands drought well and works well in chicken range systems for foliage and later to eat grain heads.

Pearl Millet:  1 lb $7.50 (postpaid); 5 lbs $22.00 (postpaid); 10 lbs $35.00 (postpaid). Very tall. Ours got to 13 feet. 12 to 18 inch seed heads, great bird feed and bedding.

Buckwheat:  1 lb $7.50 (postpaid); 5 lbs $17.50 (postpaid); 10 lbs $24.00 (postpaid). Birds will eat the seeds when mature. Otherwise, it provides good attraction for beas and other beneficials. We use as a soil builder.

Ida Gold Mustard:  1 lb $11.00 (postpaid) Used for a green manure and weed controller. Plants grow rapidly. We are currently experimenting with it to control thistles. More information on success rates in the future. Year three and it is working well. We do purchase this seed for resale.

Pacific Gold Mustard:  1 lb. $11.25 (postpaid) Use as a cover crop to mow down prior to seed set. Incorporate freshly cut plants into soil as quickly as possible. This helps to control soil nematodes and fungi.

Pea-Oatlage:  1 lb $6.00 (postpaid); 5 lbs $14.00 (postpaid); 10 lbs $17.50 (postpaid). This makes an excellent mixture for young poultry. It may be used either when plants are young and green or as they mature and dry.

NORTHERN POULTRY FOOD PLOT: 8 Packets for $12.75

An early corn dent or flint chosen for your area, sunflower, winter squash, early watermelon, a sorghum, a swiss chard mix, Essex Rape, and a mustard.

SOUTHERN POULTRY FOOD PLOT: 8 Packets for $12.50

A later dent corn chosen for your area, a sunflower, a winter squash, a watermelon, a sorghum, a swiss chard mix, Essex Rape, and a mustard.

We will try to custom design these collections for your locality as best we can. The purpose of these Food Plot packages is to give the small, hobby poultry raiser a chance to raise a portion of their own food --- both grains, greens, and special snacks (melons).


When I first purchased the farm it had been neglected and chemically abused. The sand was basically sterile in places. I used various mixes to plant and then mow down and till in to help build up the soil.

SPRING SOIL MIX:  1 lb $6.25 (postpaid); 5 lbs $15.25 (postpaid); 10 lbs $22.25 (postpaid) Plant as early as possible by broadcasting and raking in. Water as needed. Mow down as the peas bloom. The mix is 20% Rape, 60% Oats, 10% Peas, and 10% Hairy Vetch.

SUMMER SOIL MIX:  1 lb $6.00 (postpaid); 5 lbs $15.00 (postpaid); 10 lbs $22.00 (postpaid) Follow the Spring Mix instructions in mid-July with this mix. The mix is 50% Buckwheat and 50% Millet. Mow down when Buckwheat blooms.

Fall Soil Mix:  1 lb $10.00 (postpaid); 3 lbs $23.00 (postpaid) Plant this mix in late August to overwinter and till in the following Spring. The mix is 50% Turnips and 50% Rape.


For this to work properly you need to let the Mustard reach flower stage, then chop (mow) and till in for the full effect of the natural fumigating properties.

SOIL CLEANUP MIX #1:  1 lb $6.50 (postpaid); 5 lbs $17.50 (postpaid); 10 lbs $35.00 (postpaid) Triticale and Ida Gold Mustard used for weed suppression, cycling naturals and adds organic matter. Use 5 lbs per 1,000 square feet.

NOTE:  Ida Gold and Pacific Gold mustards are both PVP varieties. This is why we must purchase the seed and it is not legal to save your own. We offer them because they are so beneficial to the organic farmer.


PLASTIC PLANT LABELS:  It has become increasingly difficult to obtain plastic plant labels to mark your starting flats or varieties in the garden. We are going to offer at a reasonable price the following 3 sizes. Use a permanent marker to write the name and other information on the label to get a season long record.

4 inch long white labels 20 for $1.60; 100 for $6.75
6 inch long white labels 20 for $2.00; 100 for $9.50
8 inch long plastic labels 10 for $1.75; 100 for $15.00

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