Updated on January 17, 2013

2013 Okra
(Mallow Family)

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Okra culture:  Plant after the soil is warm, usually when melons are planted. Do not plant in cold soil. Pick the pods when they are about as long as your little finger for top quality. Packets will contain 30 to 50 seeds (more on some varieties) which should plant a 25 foot row.

African:  80 days.  Pods get large but still remain tender for eating. Pods have a slight red tint. Pkt. $1.50

Alice Elliot:  80 days.  Good heat tolerant heirloom variety from Missouri/Oklahoma region. 4 foot plants, green pods. (Unavailable for 2013)

Burgundy:  80 days.  Medium height with reddish plants with dark burgundy red pods. Plants are very attractive and work well as a border plant. Pkt. $1.50

Cherokee Long Pod:  80 days.  6 foot plants, produce long (to 15 inch) pods of light green color. Pkt. $1.50 OG (Limit 1 Pkt.)

Clemson Spineless:  70 days.  Nice plants with heavy yields of pods. Pkt. $1.25

Cowhorn:  80 days.  Long, tender green pods on 4 to 5 foot plants. A southern heirloom. Pkt. $2.50 OG

Dwarf Lee:  55 days.  Short plants, less than 3 feet tall, producing a good amount of 6 to 7 inch tapered green pods with slight ridges. (Unavailable for 2013)

Emerald:  60 days.  Spineless, velvet type with tall plants, round, smooth, dark green 7 to 9 inch pods. High quality and yields well (even in the North). Pkt. $2.00

Evertender:  65 days.  Not much foliage, but excellent and tender green pods even up to 5" long. Plants end up getting about 6 feet tall here at season's end. Pkt. $3.00 OG

Granny Franklin:  80 days.  Heirloom from Alabama, heavy yields of green pods, excellent for frying. Pkt. $2.00 OG

Granny Franklin (Organic Seed):  Same description as above. Did fabulous in 2010. Pkt. $2.00 OG (Be sure to indicate that you want organic seed.)

James Hopper:  70 days.  Medium height plants that produce tasty, 3 to 5 inch large green pods. Pkt. $2.50

Jing Orange:  85 days.  Plants are a beautiful orange shade getting 6 feet tall. Pods are reddish, productive, unique color. (Unavailable for 2013)

Louisiana Short:  85 days.  Rather late, but the plants are very stocky and have the shorter, fat green pods. Plants tend to branch some and yield until a hard frost. This variety was sent to us by Darrell Merrill in Oklahoma where it was an heirloom passed on to him. Pkt. $1.50 OG

Mammoth:  65 days.  6 to 8 foot tall plants which are an intense green color. Pkt. $1.50 OG

My Joanie:  85 days.  A late one, but a great one. Beautiful pinkish tint to the pods. An heirloom sent from a customer in Mississippi. Pkt. $2.00 OG

Pentagreen:  70 days.  Short plants produce high yields of long, thin green pods. Pkt. $2.25 (Limit 1 Pkt.) OG

Red:  80 days.  Somewhat variable in pod type, but extremely high yielding. Plants are continuous producers of 4 to 6 inch pods of a deep red color. Much more productive than Burgundy. (Unavailable for 2013)

Red German:  70 days.  Multi-branched plant with short, fat pods with a hint of red. Pkt. $1.50

Red River:  75 days.  8 foot, very tall plants producing red pods on a red stalk. Very productive. Pkt. $3.50 (Limit 1 Pkt.)

Saravejo Bamija:  75 days.  Spiney, 5 foot plants, 3 to 4 inch pods, red ribs, good flavor, very productive. Pkt. $1.50 OG

Silver Queen:  80 days.  Plants get up to 6 feet tall. Pods are whitish green in color. Pkt. $2.00 OG

Star of David:  75 days.  Very broad green pods that are six sided. Must be used when young for best quality. Superb for fried okra. Pkt. $1.50 OG

Stubby:  70 days.  Short, fat green pods. Rather productive for plant size. (Unavailable for 2013)

Texas Longhorn:  85 days.  Texas heirloom producing a good yield of light green pods. Pkt. $2.25

Texas Longhorn (Organic Seed):  Same description as above. Pkt. $3.00 OG (Be sure to indicate that you want organic seed.)

White Velvet:  85 days.  Cream colored pods. Old fashioned variety. (Unavailable for 2013)

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