Updated on January 16, 2017

2017 HERBS

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2017 HERBS

(24 Varieties to choose from)

Comments:  Linda and I both love to grow herbs and this section will expand, as time allows.

Bolivian Coriander:  A cilantro substitute grown in the South American Highlands. Small, narrow leaf. Plants reach 4 feet. Good bee plant. Plant very shallow and in warm soil only. Germination is erratic. (UNAVAILABLE FOR 2017)

Broadleaf Sage:  Great for poultry dishes. Approximately 135 seeds/pkt. Pkt. $1.50

Caraway:  Used for the seeds in rye bread and German sauerkraut. Approximately 1,000 seeds/pkt. Pkt. $1.50

Double Parsley:  A nice heavily curled type that does well and over-winters here with some success. Approximately 500 seeds/pkt. Pkt. $1.00

Dukat Dill:  A shorter variety, dense foliage. Approximately 1,000 seeds/pkt. Pkt. $1.50

Garlic Chives:  Perennial. Flavorful chives - thick garlic like leaves. (50 seeds) Pkt. $2.00

Ghanat Coriander:  True coriander, strong flavored. Approximately 175 seeds/pkt. Pkt. $1.50

Green Perilla - Beefsteak plant (Chiso):  Japanese and Korean condiment, green coleus-like leaf with distinct smell. Seed must be frozen and then planted for best germination. Approximately 200 seeds/pkt. Pkt. $1.75 Certified Organic Seed

Hamburg Rooted Parsley:  A rooted version of parsley that also produces strong flavored tops. Pkt. $2.00

Holy Basil:  Very strong smelling (almost clove-like). Approximately 300 seeds/pkt. Pkt. $1.50

Italian Single Leaf Parsley (Plain Leaf):  A nice large plant, single leaf type. Approximately 800 seeds/pkt. Pkt. $1.00

Lemon Basil:  Strong scent of lemon. Approximately 250 seeds/pkt. Pkt. $1.50

Lovage:  Celery-flavored herb. Add to soups and stews. Approximately 250 seeds/pkt. Pkt. $1.50

Mammoth Dill:  Large sized dill. Great for pickles. Approximately 750 seeds/pkt. Pkt. $1.00

Oregano:  The fragrant herb commonly used on pizza and in Italian dishes. Pkt. $2.00

Red Perilla:  Japanese and Korean condiment. Red, coleus-like leaf with a distinct smell. Seed must be frozen before planting for best germination. Approximately 200 seeds/pkt. Pkt. $1.75 Certified Organic Seed

Rosemary:  This has rapidly become my favorite cooking herb as Linda has been using it on various meat dishes. A perennial, best grown in a pot and very hard to germinate. Pkt. $2.00

Round Leaf Papalo:  A cilantro substitute grown in Mexico and Central America. Round leaves on about 3 foot plants. Plant very shallow in warm soil only. Germination is erratic. Approximately 35 seeds/pkt. Pkt. $1.75 Certified Organic Seed

Rue:  As far as herbal properties, we don't use this, but it makes a wonderful plant next to the house with its grey green foliage and yellow seed heads. Approximately 50 seeds/pkt. Pkt. $1.50

Salad Burnett:  A cucumber flavored leaf used in salads and as a garnish. It is a perennial and is decorative enough for the flower garden. Approximately 35 seeds/pkt. Pkt. $1.50

Summer Savory:  Fragrant herb with a peppery taste used for seasoning many dishes. Pkt. $2.00

Sweet Genovese Basil:  A very fragrant and useful plant that adds some wonderful flavor to a spaghetti sauce. It also has a very strong basil flavor for pesto. Approximately 175 seeds/pkt. Pkt. $1.25

Thyme:  Used both fresh and dried in French and Italian dishes. Perennial, also used for medicinal purposes. Pkt. $2.00

Toothache Plant (Spilanthes Cress):  The mouth numbing leaves are a great plant for children. Used for teething and sore throats. Pkt. $3.00 Certified Organic Seed


Approximately 300 seeds per pkt.

Finocchio Romanesco:  This fennel does it all. Fern-like tops are delicious as a green herb. The celery-like bulb is used raw or marinated and cooked. The seeds can be used as a spice in baking for a licorice-like flavor. Pkt. $1.75 Certified Organic Seed

Florence Fennel:  Use both seeds and bulbs. Feathery-like foliage, resembles Dill. Pkt. $1.50 Certified Organic Seed

Perfection Fennel:  75 days.  Superior selection tht bulbs up better than any other. Pkt. $2.00 Certified Organic Seed

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