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Updated February 23, 2015

2015 Bantams

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Hatch Weeks:  March 10, 24; April 7, 21; May 5, 19; June 2, 16, 29; July 14, 28; August 11, 25; September 8, 22; October 6, 20.

Order limits:  The number in parenthesis after the price of the poultry indicates the maximum number of day-olds available at one hatch. You can order as few as one of a breed. If you want more than the maximum number, you will need to place two orders from two different hatches (including the equivalent of 25 chicks for each order).

PLEASE REMEMBER ALL DAY-OLD POULTRY IS SOLD AS STRAIGHT RUN ONLY.  WE DO NOT SEX ANY OF THE DAY-OLDS.  Since we do not sell sexed chicks, we have no control over what you receive as far as a male-female ratio. Ideally, it is supposed to be a 50-50 split, but anyone who has been in poultry knows it can vary from that.


You MUST order the equivalent of 25 chicks per order. This is required because the chicks will not stay warm enough to arrive alive at your Post Office if there are too few chicks in the box. There are some hatcheries, etc. who are shipping as few as three chicks in a box. We do not know how they are doing this or if it works. The only option that we have to keep the chicks warm enough to ship is by the body heat of the chicks. Please do not ask us to ship less than this minimum requirement.


Bantams are available only in the following assortments this year as we rearrange our time schedule to accomodate various projects. You may not order any of the specific Bantam breeds this year.

Super Assorted Bantams:  Super Assortment (Can be any of the Bantam breeds we maintain.) Chicks are $2.00 each (25) or 25 Super Assorted Bantam Chicks for $45.00(SOLD OUT THROUGH MARCH 24, 2015)

Assorted Bantams:  Assortment of 2 breeds (12+ of each of 2 breeds) (25 chicks) for $100.00; Assortment of 3 breeds (8+ of each of 3 breeds) (25 chicks) for $75.00; Assortment of 4 breeds (6+ of each of 4 breeds) (25 chicks) for $60.00 (SOLD OUT THROUGH MARCH 24, 2015)


Black Langshan:  Miniature version of the full sized breed. (AVAILABLE IN ASSORTMENTS ONLY)

Buckeye:  Gorgeous, deep red replicas of their standard size counterparts. Pale brown eggs. These have a pea comb. APA. (AVAILABLE IN ASSORTMENTS ONLY)

Buff Brahma:  Buff with black neck and tail feathers, pea comb, off-white eggs. APA. (AVAILABLE IN ASSORTMENTS ONLY)

New Hampshire:  Bantam version of the full sized breed. They have a single comb and lay pale brown eggs. APA. (AVAILABLE IN ASSORTMENTS ONLY)

Partridge Brahma:  A new color version. Still shows some color variability, but hardy and productive. (AVAILABLE IN ASSORTMENTS ONLY)

Rhode Island Red:  Single comb, productive bird, laying a pale brown egg. (AVAILABLE IN ASSORTMENTS ONLY)

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All Silkies have black (deep maroon) colored skin with downy feathers that look like cotton puffs and all have a walnut comb. Eggs are tinted white to light brown. They make excellent setters and mothers which makes the egg and chick supply sporadic at times.

Black Silkie:  Pure black, bearded. APA. (AVAILABLE IN ASSORTMENTS ONLY)

Buff Silkie:  Buff colored version of the Silkie. (AVAILABLE IN ASSORTMENTS ONLY)

White:  Pure white, bearded type. APA. (AVAILABLE IN ASSORTMENTS ONLY)

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Old English

Black Old English:  Slim, feisty in temperament, very small, pure black in color. APA. (AVAILABLE IN ASSORTMENTS ONLY)

Black Breasted Red Old English:  Color pattern is similar to Red Dorkings and Brown Leghorns where the male is black breasted and reddish color and the female is brownish with a salmon/orange chest. APA. (AVAILABLE IN ASSORTMENTS ONLY)

Chocolate Old English:  A beautiful, chocolate (dark brown) colored version of Old English. With all chocolate birds, off-color types occur. These tend to be chocolate with red in the hackles and the saddles. Non-APA. (AVAILABLE IN ASSORTMENTS ONLY)

Silver Duckwing Old English:  Males are one color and females are another. See Silver Grey Dorking description. APA. (AVAILABLE IN ASSORTMENTS ONLY)

Spangled Old English:  Spangled (Speckled Sussex) pattern. (AVAILABLE IN ASSORTMENTS ONLY)

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Unique bantams with short legs and a tail that arches over their back. Not all birds hatch out with short legs. Care must be taken when selecting breeders to only select short legged ones with a tail that bends forward over the head. All Japanese bantams are great layers of a pale brown egg.

Black Japanese:  Pure black. (AVAILABLE IN ASSORTMENTS ONLY)

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Cochins are excellent setters and mothers. All cochins are built low to the ground and are loose feathered birds with feathered feet. Most can be easily made into pets. All lay very pale brown eggs and have medium sized single combs with five points. Because of their gentle nature, the Cochin bantams are very good for first time chicken handlers to work with (especially first year 4-Hers).

Barred Cochin:  Barred black and white. Barring tends to be less defined than in a Barred Rock. It is much more of a Cuckoo pattern. APA. (AVAILABLE IN ASSORTMENTS ONLY)

Black Cochin:  Pure black, having a greenish sheen in the light. APA. (AVAILABLE IN ASSORTMENTS ONLY)

Blue Cochin:  Deep blue color. (See Glossary on the Poultry Catalog Page for the "Blue Genetics" explanation.) APA. (AVAILABLE IN ASSORTMENTS ONLY)

Buff Cochin:  Soft, gentle buff color, tame and easy to raise. APA. (AVAILABLE IN ASSORTMENST ONLY)

Red Cochin:  Deep, rich red. They are friendly and pleasant, very thrifty and easy to raise. APA. (AVAILABLE IN ASSORTMENT ONLY)

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Wyandotte bantams all lay pale brown eggs and have a rose comb.

Blue Laced Red Wyandotte:  Miniature version of the standard sized bird. (AVAILABLE IN ASSORTMENTS ONLY)

Chocolate:  A pale to dark cocoa color. Very pretty but off-types are common. (AVAILABLE IN ASSORTMENTS ONLY)

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