Updated January 20, 2015

2015 Garlic, Leek, and Onion
(Amaryllis Family)

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2015 Garlic

Our Policy on Garlic:  Our policy on garlic is that we will ship the bulblets as we have them and some will be sent in the Spring until our previous Fall's harvest is exhausted. Then we will ship the rest of the orders in the Fall after the new crop is harvested. We have had excellent results with the bulblets sprouting after being stored all Winter. If you want to get a jump, you can start the bulblets inside like tomatoes and set out as transplants. You may order these on the seed order form. Please remember with bulblets that not every bulblet will grow. We try to send plenty of extras. Packets of topsets will vary from 50 to 200 bulblets.

Hardy German:  Well wrapped bulbs with 4 to 6 purple skinned cloves per bulb. Plants get rather tall. Pkt. $3.50 (UNAVAILABLE FOR 2015)

Marie's Special:  This very special garlic came to us from our neighbor who first provided us with the start several years ago. The garlic is the topsetting kind that produces numerous small bulblets at the tops of the stalks in August which in turn can be planted for more plants the following season. The bulbs on this type are small but very flavorful. I have had great success by planting the bulblets in the Fall and transplanting the young plants in the Spring. Pkt. $3.50 OG

Moano Special:  A topsetting garlic producing medium sized, very strong flavored bulbs. Pkt. $3.50 (Limit 1 Pkt.) OG

Old Homestead:  An heirloom topsetting garlic sent to us by Tom Greenwood of Oklahoma. Produces much larger bulbs than does Marie's Special Garlic, but does very well when planted from the topsetting bulblets. Pkt. $3.50 OG (Limit 1 Pkt.)

Pskem River:  Originally from Uzbekistan, 2 to 4 fat cloves per bulb, strong flavor. Pkt. $3.50 OG

Samarkand:  Purplish streaked clove, rather strong flavored. Pkt. $3.50 OG

Siciliano:  Artichoke type, 10 to 12 creamy white cloves in each extra large bulb. Pkt. $3.50 OG

Stewarts:  An heirloom sent to us from Colorado. Used for greens and seasoning. Dual purpose, great cloves and tops. Very productive here. Pkt. $3.50 OG

2015 Leek

Leeks culture:  Culture is same as for onions. (Approximately 500 seeds/pkt.)

Carentan:  100 days.  Also known as Swiss Giant. Dates back to at least 1885. Medium dark green leaves, tender white stems. Pkt. $2.25

Ester Cook:  120 days.  Very tall, thin, white leek. Excellent quality. Pkt. $2.50 OG (Limit 1 Pkt.)

Giant Musselburg:  120 days.  Scottish variety dating to 1834. Thick stalk, self-blanching. Pkt. $2.25

2015 Onion (Seed)

Onion culture:  Best suited to being planted direct seeded as soon as possible in the Spring. Keep weed-free. Thin and transplant later as needed. Or, you can start indoors 4 to 6 weeks prior to setting them out. Make sure you provide them with adequate and moderate temperatures so that they develop slowly and do not become leggy before being transplanted.

Ailsa Craig:  110 days.  A very large, sweet onion best used soon after harvest. (Approximately 500 seeds/pkt.) Pkt. $2.00

Australian Brown:  First introduced in 1897. Large, flavorful roots. Pkt. $2.50

Borettana Cipollini:  100 days.  An old Italian heirloom producing flat, yellow skinned onions. Unique shape, thick layers, good textured flesh. (Approximately 500 seeds/pkt.) Pkt. $2.00

Red Burgundy:  100 days.  A very good substitute for Red Wethersfield. Flattened, purple red skin, sometimes strong but a good keeper. (Approximately 500 seeds/pkt.) Pkt. $2.00

Red Wethersfield:  100 days.  First offered in 1834, the long time standard for red onions. Weathersfield, Connecticut was famous for the crop at one point in history. Large, deep red slicing onion. It is also a very good keeping onion. (Approximately 250 seeds/pkt.) Pkt. $2.50

Rosa Lunga di Tropea:  110 days.  (AKA Red Torpedo) Italian heirloom. Long, red, torpedo shaped onions. Not a long keeping onion, but sweet and tasty. (Approximately 500 seeds/pkt.) Pkt. $2.00

Walla Walla:  100 days+/-.  Does best if Fall planted where possible and produces a very sweet onion in early Summer. When Spring planted, size is not as big, but quality is still very sweet. (Approximately 500 seeds/pkt.) Pkt. $2.00

White Portugal:  105 days.  Best when used as a green onion for bunching but will develop some, nice, small sized round onions suitable for boiling or pickling. (Approximately 500 seeds/pkt.) Pkt. $2.25

Yellow Sweet Spanish:  115 days.  Large, yellow globe, average keeper onions will store well until January or February. (Approximately 1,000 seeds/pkt.) Pkt. $2.25

2015 Onion (Perennial)

Egyptian Winter:  A very nice treat in the early Spring when they are frequently the first things edible from the garden. This is a topsetting type, where you harvest the topsets in late August, separate them, and then plant them. The roots grow slowly all winter and you eat the tender shoots as mild green onions first thing in the Spring. The topsets will be shipped in late August. Orders will be filled in August, 2015. (Approximately 15 sets/pkt.) Pkt. $3.00

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